Four Wedding Traditions to Leave in the Past

Wedding traditions are a beautiful thing- the men in suits, the cake, the beautiful venue, it’s all in good fun. However, over the years a few go-to’s have become outdated and sometimes just plain silly. While we do adore classic traditional weddings just as much as we love modern progressive weddings, we do have a few traditions we don’t love. Here’s our hit list of our wedding don’t’s.


Yes your skin will pop if it’s tan against your white dress, but that’s not always the best thing. A nice glow is, well, nice but a burned bride is no bueno. Tanning beds and laying out is bad for your skin, and by now you should know this! And spray tanning? Are you wearing white? Then don’t do it! Don’t risk a streaky look that could ruin your clothes or melt under the pressure. If you do want a glow, opt for a golden toned bronzer on the big day instead. Save your skin, your clothes, and your time by using the magic of makeup.

Hyper Dieting

Enjoy yourself! Don’t sweat the small stuff, particularly if those small things are covered in chocolate. We’re fans of healthy living, but not extremes. If you’re used to burgers and fries don’t feel pressured to cut down to just lettuce and carrots. Diets can be a good thing, as long as you do it right. Take small steps that work for you to slim down gently. Don’t completely banish your favorite snacks- just take steps towards healthy portions of them. You’re engaged and you deserve to enjoy it- don’t torture yourself with tiny portions of kale.

Throwing Rice

One fun tradition from way back in the day is having wedding guests throw rice at the newlyweds. What? No thank you! Save the rice for dinner, and opt for getting doused in rosepetals (or gift cards!). Plus, throwing rice outside can harm the natural environment around you- some small birds and animals have been known to choke on bits of rice. If you were planning doing it inside, just imagine cleaning all that rice up. Yikes!

Smashing the Cake

You spent so much money and time getting the perfect cake for the big day- enjoy it don’t destroy it! While it can be a cute few pictures, do you really want cake smeared in your face on the most photographed day of your life? Can you justify wasting good cake? Instead of covering your husband in cake, cover him in kisses. He’ll like that much more.

Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

Associate Editor at Bridal Hot List
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