Five Tips on How to Reuse an Old Wedding Gown by Kelly Nishimoto

What ranks tops in my book is a meaningful moment in life. One of these amazing moments is the day that you marry your best friend and get to share that love with your closest friends and family. The elements of your wedding day become memorable and sentimental pieces which you want to cherish forever. The bridal gown, that perfect gown which most brides search until the moment where they shed a tear, or smile so big their cheeks hurt, is a significant detail of the big day. It is the dress that some brides dream about since the time they were a little girl. The wedding gown is such an important element of the bride’s wedding day because it is the dress they get married in. That perfect dress is enjoyed for one magical day of love, until the time where the beautiful day comes to an end, and the dress goes back on the hanger.  Ladies, as much as we may want to keep on wearing that gown until the very last possible second, the reality is we can not. I know, I was sad too when I was told I can not wear my dress the next day to brunch. The thing is that brides want to keep on wearing their gown because of how it made them feel and what it symbolizes. I mean, it is the dress which you wore to one of the most important events in your life. That is a pretty amazing moment.  So, of course brides want to live in that dress forever if they could. Typically the bride will box up her wedding gown (after it is professionally preserved of course), and store away. I know, we can not even take a peak once in awhile at our bridal gown, or even put it on again.

What if I told you that you can see your dress again? Yes, you can grab the box which has your wedding gown in it, open it up, and reuse it for something in your life for today. Oh, I can not wait to tell you what to do next! Recently, I had the pleasure to hear the amazing and talented Kelly Nishimoto speak about bridal trends and bridal gowns.  Kelly is a fashion designer who stars in the hit TLC show, “Something Borrowed, Something New”. On the show, Kelly transforms a special, previously worn gown into a gown which is for the time, venue, and personality of the bride. What I was most impressed with, was when she shared how an old wedding gown can be transformed into something new. Not just a brand new bridal gown, but into other fabulous things that can be as meaningful as the bridal gown itself.

Kelly shares five tips on how to reuse an old wedding gown:

  •   Make beautiful pillows…either for the ring bearer or as gifts for family members who may have a connection with the old dress.

Ring bearer pillow

  • Turn your mother’s or grandmother’s old vintage gown into a beautiful fabric bouquet for you to carry at your own wedding.


  • Use past family gowns to make bedding for your first born.


  • Use a family heirloom gown to make teddy bears for family members. The pearl buttons can be used as the eyes! You can also have a mini replica of your own gown made to fit a teddy bear.


  • Get creative! Turn your old wedding gown into a party dress for you to wear for your anniversary or to future weddings that you attend! Dye it, reshape it, & make it new yet slightly familiar!

image012 (1)


Thank you Kelly for your amazing ideas!


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