Five Groom Holiday Gift Ideas

It is a lovely Christmas Eve morning here at BHL, and we could not be any happier. We are lucky and thankful for the beautiful weather we get to enjoy here at BHL headquarters in sunny Orange County, California. We may have to step outside and enjoy it for a bit!  During this time of year, many are heading to malls or shopping online for gifts for their loved ones and friends.  Today is where we see many last minute shoppers finalizing their gift list. If you are a bride who is getting married this month or next, you may be looking to find the perfect gift for your future husband. Let’s be honest, it is not always easy to find a gift for a man, and then add holidays to the mix, and it can be really tough.  However, with the holidays, it can also be one of the best times to shop for a groom’s gift. There are tons of sales, and new items to choose from. If you are having a December or January wedding, a holiday type of groom gift can be a great type of gift to buy for your groom-to-be.

Here are a five great holiday gift ideas:

A Day of Golf

Guys love to golf, so getting a round of golf for your husband-to-be can be a very thoughtful gift, especially if you make it for two and tell him to take his best man along. It’s a great gift on behalf of the bride to both the groom and the best man and allows them to bond like guys like to do. Many golf courses actually have great deals on sites like Living Social and Groupon, so there is no need to break the bank. It’s really the thought that counts and letting your betrothed have some guy time while playing golf can be a very thoughtful gift to give.

Skiing / Snowboarding

If you live near the slopes, golf certainly won’t be an option this winter. What can be an option is a day on the slopes, along with a new set of skis or a new snowboard. This outdoor activity is one that you and your beau can enjoy together, or, if you want him to have some guy time, get him two lift tickets for him and his best man for an enjoyable time.

Brewery Tour

Guys enjoy their beer and in many parts of the country, there are micro-breweries that offer tours. This is a very thoughtful gift if the guy in your life enjoys his beer and this is a perfect activity for “the bros” to enjoy together. In Southern California, and in San Diego in particular, the Stone Brewery remains as one of the most popular sports to get tours, do beer tasting, and enjoy their restaurant.

Tickets to the Big Game

Another activity that guys enjoy is attending sporting events. Football season is just about over but if your guy’s team is in the playoffs and money isn’t an object, you can score him seats to the game by visiting some ticket reselling sites like StubHub. The tickets (make sure you get two!) will come out of nowhere and it’ll be a shocking gift he won’t see coming and absolutely love. Alternatively, you can look into basketball or hockey games, or even see what sports are playing at the local University (college basketball is VERY popular).

Nerdy Tech Gift

Boys love their tech toys and video games, even if they are in their 30s or even 40s. A thoughtful gift could be a new tablet, which can fit many different purposes – an eBook reader, a web browser, a video game device, and much more. Some tablets are actually quite reasonable and under $200, but if you do have the budget there are some that are really amazing. Both the Kindle Fire HDX and the iPad are two of the tops tablets sold today. Another great place to look for gifts for the nerd in your life is as they have a ton of hilarious nerdy gifts that your future groom will absolutely love.

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Niloufar Gibson

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