Average Wedding Cost

At BHL, we have a huge crush on everything that is wedding. We love wedding cakes, flowers, bridal gowns, table decor-you name it, we love it. All those incredible elements comes with a price. One popular question that is always asked is,”How much will this cost me?”. We think that the budget is something that is pretty important when planning your wedding, and knowing how much things cost is a good thing to know. We were curious about what the average cost of a wedding is and found this infographic from Easy Finance.  It gives you a breakdown of the costs of a wedding.  The average cost of a wedding breaks down to $26,984, which does not include the honeymoon.

Are you surprised with these numbers? What do you think? Please let us know. We love to hear what you think!

Love Don't Cost a Thing. Or Does It? (Infographic)

Source: EasyFinance.com


  1. I guess I’m not really surprised

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