A Slice of Cake Does the Body Good

I love  sweet treats, especially cake! I had the pleasure of doing a cake tasting at Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake. This place is super cute, and the cakes, well of course are amazing!

When I walk in, I am immediately fall in love with the decor. Very vintage and stylish.

After admiring the place, I am seated to do some cake tasting. At this point, I am super excited! Come on, its cake, what is not to be excited about? They brought me two slices of cake, one was Red Velvet, and the other was Lemon Framboise. The two most popular flavors right now.

Want to know what I thought of the taste? Words can not describe, but my facial expresion can!

Did I love it? What do you think?

YES! OMG, it was so delicious! My favorite cake flavor was the Lemon Framboise. It has a layer of raspberry cream and lemon cream. I was in heaven, cake heaven!

It was not only the slice of cake which blew me away, but  I admired the fabulous cakes which were on display. Check them out! By the way, they are all edible.

I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher Garren. What a nice guy! He told us about the cakes and how they never make the same cake twice! All cakes are unique and that is what makes them so fabulous. Some cakes take 20 hours, and others up to 50 hours! There is so much detail that goes into these cakes, and you can see why. I was really “Wowed”.

As beautiful and detailed as as the cake was on the outside, the taste inside was as impressive! SO GOOD! My thought was that the cream did not feel heavy like most cake icings do. I did not feel like washing my piece of cake down with a glass of milk or water. The cake taste was so light, but flavorful at the same time.

If you want a good looking and good tasting cake, then I would recommend Christopher Garren’s for your next event!

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