BHL FAQ for Vendors

Thank you for your interest in Bridal Hot List. All of our Vendors must read and agree to the terms and conditions below. Any questions can be directed to Niloufar Gibson.

  • Please provide a summary of what you do, and what you offer brides or couples for their wedding day. What makes your company unique or stand out from other companies like yours. This will be  quoted  from you if thats okay.
  • To accompany, please provide at least 10 professional photos of the products you offer.
  • Please provide the photographer’s information, so they can be properly credited. Also please provide a statement from the photographer, giving their permission to use their photos on our blog.
  • All photos to be at least size of 600 X 400, no smaller please.
  • The website address you would like to have linked back to your company.
  • Once the post goes up, please add the link to your website, and share the link on social media platforms, (Twitter, Facebook, instagram, etc) and tag us @bridalhotlist and hashtag #bridalhotlist