What the Groom Should Bring on the Wedding Day

Resident wedding day expert Niloufar Gibson has written a few articles giving tips to brides about what to bring on their wedding day. All the “just in case” stuff a bride can totally forget in the chaos of the day of her wedding that she wished she remembered can make the day go so much smoother. But what about the other side of the coin? For the grooms out there, should they be worried about what to bring to the their wedding? Absolutely!

Grooming Items

You should always be prepared to be absolutely well groomed for the day of your wedding. If this means that you have a thick five-o’clock shadow around 2:30 pm, then you should bring along a razor for a shave. Chances are your venue will have a nice bathroom for you to use, so make sure you look your best. Also, let’s face it, if your wedding is going to be in the summer you might be sweating… a lot. Make sure you bring your deodorant with you because the last thing your bride will want to do after hours of the ceremony and reception is dance with a stinky new husband. There’s also small things like making sure your nails are well manicured because there’ll be pictures of just your hands that you don’t want looking terrible because you happen to be a slob.

Keep that Breath Fresh!

Through the day you’ll be eating, drinking, talking, and then doing more eating, more talking and maybe have time for a cigar in between. Again, with so many people coming up to congratulate you, be sure to remember that the wedding day and reception can be a long one, so be prepared. Nobody wants to chat with a groom with horrible bad breath and your new bride certainly won’t want to kiss him either! There are a few ways to keep your breath fresh, starting with a good pack of gum, then a little pack of breath-mints  or even the clear strips that stick to the roof of your mouth. If you have a groom’s bathroom you can retire to for quick breaks, keep a travel-sized bottle in there to really do the trick.

Extra Set of Clothes

Sure, the groom will be in a tux, but if that summer heat comes down and he starts sweating, even all the deodorant in the world isn’t going to help him. Grooms, the best thing to do is to bring an extra set of undergarments to change into if things get dicey. Your sweat will mostly be trapped by this level of your garb, so swapping it out can really make you feel fresher and a lot less stinky. Also,  depending on the wedding and what is happening after the reception you might want to bring an appropriate change of clothes if you happen to be hopping on an airplane right after!

Miscellaneous Items

Make sure you bring your cell phone, it’ll come in handy helping people get to the wedding. Yes, people who are coming to your wedding will not have the courtesy to call the best man or wedding planner to get directions, they will just figure you have nothing better to do than to answer your phone and give directions. Making sure you have your cell phone is one thing, but don’t answer it yourself! Make sure one of your groomsmen or best man is in charge of your cell phone and can filter through the calls. What always goes with a cell phone? The charger – so don’t forget that either. Other smart little things to bring include some cash (you never know), an extra set of dressy shoes, a comb for your hair, and any medications that you happen to take.

William Sanai
William Sanai works at Perfectly Made Weddings as an Assistant Wedding Coordinator.
William Sanai

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