West Georgia Engagement Session from Famous William Photography

Oh my goodness! I honestly don’t even know where to start with this one! I am having a hard time coming up with the right words to describe this truly amazing and romantic engagement session. I am in complete awe by the amount of love that is pouring out from each and every photo.  I have seen some amazing sessions in my days…but nothing like this one. I thought I knew what true love looked like, until today. This couple is true love. You can see it through all the details. Simple, yet very meaningful details.  I am starting to choke up just thinking about it. Two lovebirds, two dogs, and a tiny home surrounded by the woods utter joy and perfection.  All they need is love, nothing less, nothing more.  Add Famous William Photography and their well seasoned camera to that mix, and it is over. Over in a pretty haze of beautiful images. Are you ready to see what true love looks like? GRH_4195-XL FWC_9365-XL FWC_9336-XL FWC_9375-XL GRH_3271-XL FWC_9512-XL GRH_3103-XL FWC_9599-XL FWC_9580-XL FWC_9556-XL GRH_3159-XL GRH_3120-XL GRH_3147-XL FWC_9430-XL FWC_9505-XL FWC_9435-XL GRH_3638-XL FWC_9626-XL FWC_9651-XL GRH_3338-XL FWC_9297-XL GRH_3905-XL GRH_3276-XL GRH_3285-XL GRH_3318-XL FWC_9562-XL FWC_9324-XL GRH_3984-XL GRH_4025-XL GRH_4116-XL GRH_4071-XL From Famous William Photography…

Meet Sebastienne and Maria. They were one of our more comfortable couples. A lot of couples aren’t sure or what to do during a shoot and we have to guide them. But with Sebastienne and Maria, they just stood in front of us and kissed a lot and played a lot. They’re really comfortable with each other and other people. I think that’s part of what makes them so beautiful. Their comfortability may also come from the fact that they put on backyard plays at a home in our town called “The Truth and Beauty Laboratory” and call it “Theatre on Cedar”. Either way, they were wonderful to photograph. Oh and did we mention they are building their tiny home? We photographed in a small spot for their soon home to be, surrounded by all the gorgeous woods. Here is what they told us.“We are two wives who are planning to build a Tiny House on wheels, as a way to live within our means, and to live lighter and freer, and with less negative impact on the environment. It will be on our land.” 

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