Welcome Guest Gift Bags

Are you having a destination wedding in your own city? You probably have out of town guests, and a great idea is to create welcome guest bags. These are a great way to make your guests feel right at home!

  • What to include in the Welcome Bags? Something as simple as a water bottle and your favorite cookies or chocolate bars. You can add items such as a local map and city guide, a wedding itinerary, travel items which guests may have forgotten,(toothbrush, nail clipper and file, hair brush, hair spray, etc), a list of your favorite local restaurants or shops, and anything else which will make your guests feel at home. You can also add something which represents your city or state. For example, for California, you can add a bottle of beach sand, or sea shells.
  • Delivery of the Welcome Bags: Prior to your guests arrival, you can drop off the welcome bags at the hotel where guests are staying. This can be easily arranged with the hotel staff. When guests check in, they will be given their welcome bags. Your guests will feel so special when they receive their welcome bag. I know I would!
  • How many Welcome Bags do you need? You need just one welcome bag per hotel room, however its a good idea to make extras in case. There may be more than one family or friends sharing a room.

Your  guests will know that you took the time to think about them while they are visiting your city. Your guests will feel happy and ready to enjoy a fabulous time at your wedding!

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