Wedding Memories Captured in Glass Art

The weekend is here, and it is time to relax and enjoy the California sun, making it for a pretty happy time. It’s hard to believe it can get better than this…but it just did! As you know, we are always searching for fabulous new trends in weddings. We found a seriously gorgeous and unique trend which we can not wait to share. One of our favorite moments of a couple’s wedding day is the special time where they become Mr. and Mrs. The ceremony is the most important part of a wedding day because this is the time where you are actually married. This moment is so special and personal to the bride and groom, that they would love to cherish the memory forever. We have the privilege to introduce Unity in Glass, highly-skilled artisans who create lasting memories for brides and grooms.Wait until you see what this is all about. Go ahead, grab your morning coffee, take a seat, and get ready to be amazed.

Unity in Glass is a personal upgrade from your typical sand, or candle unity ceremony. This is the next step in creating an art piece from your wedding day, and making the moment last forever. Unity in Glass creates hand-crafted glass sculptures which are made with the very same glass crystals from your unity ceremony. So, instead of keeping the sand in a bottle from a sand ceremony, the glass which is mixed ceremoniously, is transformed into a beautiful and meaningful glass sculpture.

At the ceremony, the bride, groom, together with their extended family members perform the unity ceremony with the colored glass crystals, blending the combination of their color choices, symbolizing the coming together.  Following the wedding, the couple returns the colored glass to Unity in Glass, and then the artisans will create a unique and personal sculpture that captures the love of the intimate moment.  An art piece which will  last a lifetime.  Once complete, the beautiful and stunning glass sculpture is sent back to the newlyweds for them to enjoy. A piece of art that is symbolic of an important and special time in their lives can now be enjoyed for years to come. What a lovely way to preserve such a significant moment.

We are amazed on how such an intimate and lovely moment can be preserved in such a beautiful way.







  1. We used Unity in Glass for our ceremony in December and the sculpture is incredibly beautiful. It is a wonderful keepsake and can be shared with everyone who visits our home.

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