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I have to admit that today’s feature is a bit of a challenge to write the intro for. It is because I am totally distracted by the deliciously gorgeous desserts across my computer screen right now. Today’s feature is all about cakes, cookies, chocolates, and other yummy treats. I am excited to add  Superfine Bakery to our list of favorite dessert companies. You know how much of a foodie I am, and when there are desserts around, then I am a total dessert foodie. It is hard to resist something that is so lovely in design and presentation, and that the first bite has me wanting another.  Grab your morning coffee, and enjoy a little but of sweetness on this lovely Monday morning.

Urban Meadow Cake

Rocher Crunch Truffles

Mod Cake Trio - Photo Andrea Bricco, cake Superfine Bakery

Superfine Bakery

Buttercream cake, sugar flowers

Emerald Inspired Shoot

Florentine Lace Cookies

Carly Rae Dessert Bar with credit

Naked Cake at The Ebell of LA

Silverleaf Border Cake at ATT Ctr

Superfine Bakery is a cake and confection house located in Los Angeles. Our focus is high-end wedding cakes and dessert tables featuring sweets all made from scratch (even our white chocolate fondant is house made). We’re trained in the European baking tradition, so our treats tent to be less sweet than others who use cake mixes or bulk-bought fillings. Our cakes feature some standard and some not-so-standard flavors like Pink Velvet (made with melted Belgian chocolate), Champagne cake (about four bottles of champagne are used in the batter for a 100-person cake), and Black Onyx Chocolate cake featuring a deep dark Black Onyx cocoa. We also love to soak our cakes with premium alcohols like Bacardi or Grand Marnier. Used lightly they add a nice flavor kick to a cake without overpowering the crumb or the icing flavors. Perfect! 
Our confections tend to be off the beaten path too — we don’t offer cupcakes, macarons, or cake pops. Instead we go for a more sophisticated Foodie-driven table, featuring Splitter Truffles (clusters of chopped almonds and hazelnuts held together with white chocolate), Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies (eat them upsidedown to get the saltiest hit off the flavor), and Rocher crunch chocolate truffles — balls of crunchy chocolate swiped with 24-Karat gold on top.
Are we decadent? Yes. Do we love food? Most definitely! The more we eat and explore, the more we can bring back to the kitchen and to our clients.
Our designs are influenced by architecture, fashion, modern art, and nature. Rather than having a client choose a cake from a book of designs, we prefer to design something uniquely for them, with accents pulled from their event stationery, floral design, venue style, dresses and suits, as well as their personal story. The design process is really fun, with everyone getting involved to create something wonderful for a couple’s Big Day.
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