Want to Make Your Wedding a Blast for Your Guests?

Here are a few ideas on how you can spice up your wedding day and make it a fun and fabulous day for you and your guests!

Photo booth: You can rent a classic or digital photo booth. The classic prints out the photos, and this can be mementos for your guests or be used to create a memory book with guest messages to the newly married couple. This can also take the place of the guest book, so there are photos and messages included. The digital photo booth gives the couple all the images on a CD.

Candy Station: You want to add some sweet fun to the wedding reception? You can have various glass containers of different sizes and shapes filled with your favorite candy treats. The candies can reflect your wedding theme or your favorites as a couple. For example if the colors of your wedding are reds and browns, you can have all candy that are red. Such as red vines, red tamales, red gummy bears, etc. Its another way to also add decor and color to your wedding reception.  You can have little bags which guests can fill up and then eat throughout the reception. Its a great way to have guests interact and eat at the same time!

Fondue Station: Who can say no to chocolate?? For those chocolate lovers, its the best way to incorporate chocolate in a fun and interactive way! You can rent the fondue fountain and choose what type of fruits, cookies, pretzels, or cheese you would like to have dipped in. This can also go along with your theme or color of your wedding. This is a great dessert addition to the wedding cake. If you have kids at the wedding, this is a fun thing to for them too!

Look for more reception tips coming soon!

Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson

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Niloufar Gibson
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