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As much as we love the weekends and so sad to see it end, we get all hyped up when we know that weddings and trends are on our agenda on this lovely Monday morning. At BHL, we are always seeking the hottest and most current trends in all things wedding. The trend that we are so excited about is all about the groom and his groomsmen. We want our men to look dapper and wedding ready right? We know our brides will look as gorgeous as can be, but the men? The groom? His entourage for the wedding day? Well, we want him to look as handsome as can be for his beautiful bride. What is hot and trending in menswear for the men of the wedding?

We asked our friend Eric Acuña, district Manger at Friar Tux Shop, to share with us what the hottest trends are for the groom and his men:

Everyone is looking to customize their wedding. From linens to flowers, everyone wants that “unique look.” When it comes to wedding attire, there’s a bigger urge to wear something “different from the rest.”

Current trends lean towards slim fit tuxedos and suits. Light and Charcoal Grey are the most sought out colors for 2013. Many brides who Google or Pintrest words like, “Vintage” “Rustic” and “Chic,” are finding grey tuxedos and suits at the top of their searches.

How can brides and grooms create their unique look? By visiting Friar Tux Shop. Friar Tux offers over 50 styles of tuxedos and suits in all colors and fits. They carry all the classic colors, along with six shades of grey, six shades of tan/chocolate, and plenty of slim fit styles. You can choose to rent or buy. With many options to mix and match, every groom has the option to create his own look.

The “unique” options are available through their many vest and tie styles. Many of their colored coats have matching vests, which is a home run for the bride looking for the “vintage” look. Self-tie ties, are offered in an array of colors for the groom who wants to tie his own knot. Many grooms are seeking out special knots to wear on their big day! Here’s a few knots most popularly tied by grooms for 2013.

  • Eldredge Knot Inverted


  • Trinity Knot


  •  Suspended Knot



Colored vests with coordinating ties are available to match all major bridal and bridesmaid dresses. In every style, each vest has multiple tie options (bow tie, solid long tie, diamond printed tie, stripped tie, and/or paisley tie.) Each wedding can create their own look and style. Friar Tux Shop even carries bow ties for purchase that allow you to tie your own bow. This is a huge trend for 2013.


“What’s that napkin called in the pocket of a tuxedo or suit?” Brides and Grooms ask this question everyday. It’s called a “Pocket Square.” Pocket squares are used to enhance and provide a “finished” look for a groom and his groomsmen. Just another way for a bride and groom to customize their look for their special day.

  •  Matching vest, tie, and pocket square.



  •  Neutral colors with a colored pocket square.



With the ability to customize your wedding with endless options, your certain to create the perfect look at Friar Tux Shop.  Always remember, plan your wedding to best fit you and your style.


Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson

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