Tuscany Honeymoon, Italy

It is obvious that we at BHL are obsessed with everything that is wedding. We are also in love with travel and honeymoons.  What we absolutely adore is a Tuscany honeymoon. The Tuscany region of Italy’s central west coast is absolutely breathtaking. It features rolling hills, beautiful vineyards, lush greenery, a vast history, stunning architecture, and arts.  Not only are we head over heels with Tuscany’s lush landscape, but we crave the delicious cuisines and fantastic shopping that it offers.

Tuscany is the place to be with the one you love. It is so romantic. Imagine holding hands as you walk down the streets of a small historic town, sharing a delicious pizza, and surrounded by beautiful architecture from the fifteen century. Feeling romantic like we are? We have found the most perfect way to discover Tuscany and all that it can offer for you and your love. Get ready to be romanced!

Villa Rosa dei Venti is tucked away in the beautiful Tuscany country side in the city of Lucca. Only two miles from the city’s center, this villa is absolutely gorgeous. It offers two private apartments which can accomodate up to six people in each. Each apartment features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, with fine Italian furnishings, and a spacious separate living and sleeping quarters. The living room features glass doors leading to a private balcony which overlooks breathtaking views of  the Tuscany hills. The amenities included are a fully equipped kitchen, towels, sheets, flat screen TV and Cable, Heat/AC, Wi-Fi, Bikes, Safe Deposit and Utilities. Renting a car? No problem. This villa has private parking and direct access to the apartment. Wonderful right? We think so.

Are you in love with these fabulous accommodations in one of the most beautiful spots in Italy?  Villa Rosa dei Venti offers you a little more than these amazing accommodations. Your luxurious experience can continue with taking part in a private and special tour just for you and your husband.  So if  you want to taste the fine cuisines that Italy offers, or explore the arts and museums, or enjoy the vineyards, a customized tour package can be created just for you. Whatever your heart desires, Villa Rosa dei Venti can make it happen. It is about being in love, relaxing, and having an unforgettable honeymoon.

Are you ready to escape to Tuscany to enjoy it all?  Grab your passport, pack your bags, and say ciao. 


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For more information on pricing and customized packages, please send an email to anusce@gmail.com


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