Top Three Wedding Ideas

Everyday is a wedding day here on BHL, and we can not get enough of it. Today, we get to reveal the top three wedding ideas for your inspired eyes to view. Yes, we are pretty darn excited.

  • The Groom’s Cake: We all know that most brides think of their wedding day, as their day, and all about them. Right? The groom just shows up and says his ” I do”, and enjoys the party. Right? Well, it may be sometimes be true, however it is great when there is a touch of the groom in the wedding, and that really the day is about a couple who love each other, and want to the world to know about it. What we love about this wedding, was that they incorporated something special for the groom. It is not just a ordinary cake which says “Groom” on it. No, there was for sure some real thought for this one. Being a huge baseball fan, and more than that, a Boston Red Sox fan, the groom’s cake is perfect for the groom. Isn’t just super cool? What was the groom’s reaction? Pure happiness and awe.

groom cake

  • Dove Release:  Whether it is bubbles, butterflies, rose petals, rice, or confetti splashed up into the sky after you are married, it is a symbol of happiness, joy, excitement, and love which is shared with all your guests. We are in love with this wedding as it was not just any ordinary dove release.  No. This is much better. After the couple gets married, they each got to hold a dove, and as they kiss, they released the dove up into the sky. Simply magical.


  • Ring Bearer:  We adore ring bearers and flower girls. We love how sweet it is for a little niece  nephew, cousin, or own child to walk down the aisle and be part of such a special day. However, this wedding had the cutest ones we have ever seen.  We love the idea of the ring bearer with a sign wore over his neck, and a perfect adorable flower girl at his side. All cameras were out for these two, and smiles from cheek to cheek from not only the parents, but all the guests as well. Just so darn cute!


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