Top Ten Tips on How to Shop for Your Bridal Gown by Sam Saboura

Today it is a very “special” day here in United States. It is Tax Day!  April 15th is not the most exciting date of the year, however we are not going to allow this day to bore us. We have a very special day of our own.  We may not have any tax day tips to provide to you, however we have some other fabulous wedding tips which we think you will love.  We had the pleasure of hearing Sam Saboura speak at a local wedding event and share amazing bridal trends. He also shared some pretty good shopping tips for wedding dresses. Sam Saboura is a top stylist and fashion expert, as well as a published author and television personality. He stars in TLC’s hit show, “Something Borrowed, Something New”. Sam really “wowed” us with his shopping tips, and raised a few eyebrows. We were so amazed by the tips that he shared, we had to feature it.  If you have not started looking for your wedding dress, then it is the perfect time to get ready for an awesome shopping experience.   Shopping for your wedding gown should be a fun, and memorable time. So why not make it better by learning a few pointers on how to shop for that perfect wedding gown! We hope your tax day is looking a little brighter for you already.

See what Sam shared with us on the top ten tips on how to shop for your bridal gown:

  • Bring Images and Inspiration: Have an idea in mind and some images of dresses you love but always be open to trying something outside of your vision.
  • Plan in Advance: You should start shopping for your dress one year out from your wedding date. 18 months is not unheard of since sometimes it takes up to 9 months to have a dress made. 9 months out is cutting is close unless you are looking to purchase a sample dress.
  • Research Before Purchasing: Get as much information about the dress you love that you can. Then go home and Google it. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you learn.
  • Bring Undergarments and Shoes: If you plan on wearing a certain type of undergarment on your wedding day, by all means bring them along on your shopping trips. You should also have an idea of shoe height and bring a similar shoe from your closet for dress appointments.
  • Always Try on a Dress That is Totally Not You: If a dress catches your eye for any reason try it on–even if this dress is not your style and even if it doesn’t fit your vision or venue. Sometimes you need to know what you don’t want to know exactly what you do. And sometimes the perfect dress will find you when you least expect it, so always be open.
  • Allow the Consultants to Help: Bridal consultants work with these dresses all day long and see them on dozens of different women and body types. The good ones know more about the dresses you’re trying than you do—I promise. Let them guide you and help you. You’ll be happy you did.
  • Always (try to) Stick to Your Budget: This is a classic conundrum and one I have lots of experience with so listen up! There are many beautiful gowns out there that will be out of your price range. And yes, they will all be gorgeous. You should know that they are expensive for a reason; the fit, quality, construction, styling and details may all surpass dresses in your price range. So here’s my advice: don’t go there. If you do, be prepared to fall in love and possibly be disappointed, or be prepared to pony up for the dress of your dreams!
  • There’s No Harm in Asking: You should always ask questions when shopping for your wedding dress. You may be able to obtain a discount, buy the sample of the dress you love or work out some kind of deal for alterations. I recently found a hidden sample rooms full of designer dresses with only slight damage that were a fraction of the price! You never know until you ask, so go for it!
  • When in Doubt… : When in doubt, sleep on it! This is the most important dress you will ever wear, so your decision should not be hasty or rushed. The old adage is actually true: when you know, you know.  So if you don’t—then walk away and get some perspective. The dress will still be there in the morning and your vision will be much clearer.
  • To Entourage or Not to Entourage, That is the Question: The right entourage can make or break your shopping trip so choose your helpers wisely and keep your group small. You’ll want friends and family members who have your best interest in mind and not their own. Listen to your entourage, but at the end of the day listen to yourself. It’s your wedding and your dress, so ultimately you should make the call.

Thank you Sam for these amazing shopping tips!

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