Top Four Thanksgiving Inspired Flowers

This week is bound to be a yummy one! It is Thanksgiving week, and we are pretty excited for all the  yummy dishes coming our way. But not just the turkey , cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, but the yumminess of gorgeous flowers which has us swooning all day. Yes, ALL day. To kick off the week of thanks, we thought it would be fun to share some gorgeous flowers to brighten up the Thanksgiving spread. The inspiration is from a fabulous floral designer, Empty Vase which brings some serious talent to the table. Literally!  Before you do any last minute shopping, take a moment to browse through these fabulous looks and get inspired! Add some festive and beautiful decor to the table and be ready to impress your family and friends. They will surely be smiling with these beauties.


DSC_9060 copy1.  Scarlet

If you love the color red, then this one is for you. We love it! 
Description: Renowned for their lush, over sized blossoms, peonies have long been admired for distinctive form and charming ruffled petals. The famous painter, Renoir, was so enthralled with these unique flowers that they are the subject of many of his works. Here, our designers has chosen 12 rich scarlet peonies and paired them with geraniums, fall leaves and berries. 

2. Garden Trough
If you want to really cheer up the table this year, then you will fall in love with this floral arrangement.
Description: Full of life and good cheer, this arrangement embodies the fresh, whimsical nature of a beautiful seasonal garden. Brimming with lush, wholesome blossoms and spectacular colors, this relaxed yet graceful design incorporates tulips and garden roses alongside freesias and hydrangeas. Charming pom pom flowers add a delightful touch. 

3.  Rose Rainbow
If your favorite flower are roses, then you will fall over the edge in love with these pretty roses. These roses are absolutely stunning!
Description:  An array of multi color roses, Spray Roses and fall leaves together in an 10” round glass vase.
4. Autumn’s Blazing Basket
If tradition is your jam, then you will not be able to resist this fall basket of gorgeousness. Oh  my goodness!
Description: The fiery colors of autumn have all come together in this vibrant wicker basket to celebrate the holidays. This charming arrangement is designed with Garden Roses, Spray Roses, Tulips, Oncidium, Hydrangeas, Gloriosa, Solidago, and Bittersweet berries.


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