Top Five Wedding Wishlist Items

Make a wish- it’s 11/11! You remember the old superstition that you can make a wish on 11/11, right? Well we (not so) secretly still love it. Speaking of wishes, we have five things that you should keep on your wish list while you’re planning your wedding!

Wedding Planner

Obviously we’re a big advocate for hiring a professional for the occasion. Our very own Editor-in-Chief, Niloufar Gibson is one of the best wedding planners in Southern California is and lives and breathes weddings. If you’re not out in sunny SoCal, ask around, check yelp, and ask your venue if they recommend any wedding planners. Wedding planners will make your life a million times easier and make it possible for you to actually enjoy your whole wedding process. Wedding planners also usually know the best vendors to work with, so you’re immediately well connected before you even get started.

Full Coverage Photography

It may be cheaper to just get stills from the day of, but you’re going to want to remember all your friends and family from the moment they all get into town. If you can afford it, splurge and have photography going from your welcome party (if you’re doing one for out of town guests), your rehearsal dinner, your final night out, all that fun stuff. Also if you can, opt for a tester video or a highlight reel from your photographer. Stills can do some serious justice, but you’re going to want to really look back and watch your big day.

Big Girl Panties

You know how a good bra or your favorite pair of undies can make you feel a million times better? Don’t skimp on the lingerie- if you can, go big! It’s not just about looking good after the ceremony- it’s about how your body is shaped under your dress and how you feel in it. The right lingerie can make you look leaner and more fit than an ill-fitting set of lingerie. It can feel like a more silly splurge, but it can seriously change your entire silhouette. If you’re not the type to usually splurge on lingerie, now is a better time than ever.

Diamonds- your Other Best Friend

Yes, there’s one specific piece of jewelry that you’re going to be flashing all day, but you shouldn’t tone down the rest of your jewelry. Borrow or rent some fun jewelry that you wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to wear. Often times in larger cities there are some jewelers that will rent out pieces for a few days with a credit card on file. It can be worth it to go ahead and factor in a jewelry budget.


You should try to factor this into your budget off the bat- a honeymoon is some serious business. With the cost of weddings always going up, it can be easy to just push it back and do a honeymoon when you can afford it, but you’re going to want some alone time after the wedding. At the very least, you can take a short weekend or few days after the wedding, stay in a hotel, and just enjoy being married. It can be a harder thing to plan and budget for but if you can pull it off, it’ll be totally worth it.


Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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