Top Five Wedding Tips for Couples with Pets

Your fiance or your maid of honor may be your best human friend, but what about your best furry friend? For all those couples out there with their own furry friends, we’ve got five cute ways to keep them involved in your wedding. They’re a big part of your lives after all, they should get to be a part of the festivities!
Put Them in the Pictures

While you’re planning your engagement or invite photos, think about involving the furry friends! You can do a fun “family” photo of you two and your pet. Pictures of all of you cuddling, playing, or just flopping around are adorable. Everyone loves cute pet photos, why not up your couple cute factor by adding your adorable furry friend? Just be sure to have a lint roller on hand.


Dress Them Up

Even if you don’t usually dress your little buddy up, it’s a wedding! Everyone dresses up! Swing by a specialty store and pick up some formal wear for your furry friend. Usually things like bowties are easy formal wear for pets that aren’t too annoying for them to wear. Putting your cat in an entire fluffy dress may get mangled quicker than you realize.

Register for the Whole Family

While you’re registering, think about your pet. Try not to register for anything that they could eat/mangle/destroy quickly (goodbye, white lace couch cushions!). If you’re finding that you already have a lot of basic household things, you can register for pet-friendly items. Registering at big box stores like target can give you the option to request pet toys or accessories. All the fun wedding presents don’t have to go straight into the kitchen- Fido should be able to enjoy some wedding presents too!

Give Them a Job

A great way to have your pet help out during the wedding is to give them a job! For bigger animals like dogs, mini horses, and pot bellied pigs, you can have them walk down the aisle or act as the ring bearer (we REALLY want to see pictures if you have your pot bellied pig act as your ring bearer). If you have a smaller animal like a guinea pig, rabbit, or mouse, you can set them up near the guestbook (with some supervision, of course). Involving them is a great photo op, plus gives you the chance to involve them on your special day.



Give Them Room

There’s a family table, a kids table, why not add a pet table? Rather than a table, use baby gates to set up an area for pets. If you’re open to having guests bring their furry friends this could be a really convenient and sweet gesture. Set it up with lots of newspaper or towels, water, and some snacks. If you can, try to get a few people to keep an eye on them too. This lets your guests save on dog sitters and be able to bring their furry friends to the big day too. You’ll be doing them a favor, plus your pet will get a chance to socialize!


Do you have plans on having your pets involved in your wedding? Share them in the comments below!


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Andrea Carter

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