Top Five Wedding Event Scents

A woman’s perfume is like the grown up version of a mood ring- it can change just as often as you do. Perfume works in the same way all of your other beauty routines do- it should change depending on the occasion (silver glitter chunks are fun on Friday night on the dance floor, but not so much Wednesday morning at the office!). Here’s a quick guide on what to wear for your upcoming wedding events.


Bridal Showers

If you’re heading out to a bridal shower, spritz on something girly. Floral scents that sit warm on your skin have a way of feeling extra feminine. You’re going to have some girl fun with your girlfriends- live it up! ‘Ralph’ by Ralph Lauren is a classic sweet floral that sits well with most people. Look for tones similar to apples, cucumbers, rose, and magnolia.


Bachelorette Parties

Hitting the town with your bridal beauties? Reach for a scent that is a little more sexy and fun. Don’t over do it with any intense sharp scents, but do look for scents that have raspberry, grapefruit, and vanilla scents. We love Marc Jacob’s ‘Oh Lola’; it’s sensual without being overpowering or heavy. Plus, if you go light you can wear it during the day and just reapply for night.


Wedding Party Dinner

Going out with the groomsmen? Go light and fresh and fun. It’s a friendly party with the people the bride and groom love and trust the most. Lotus, orchid, and beachy scents are low maintenance and relaxed. MAC’s ‘Turquatic’ scent is like a day at the beach- light, fun, and free. This scent is sure to be a hit the groomsmen and bridesmaids alike.


Wedding Rehearsal

Did you have fun at the wedding party dinner? The rehearsal dinner will be just like that- only a touch more formal. Find a great middle ground between low-key woodsy and fresh and floral to be appropriate for all ages. Clinique’s ‘Happy’ is just that- a happy scent! This scent goes on incredibly light and one of its’ major notes is the Hawaiian wedding flower. That’s gotta be fate, right?


Wedding Day

For the big day, it’s okay to go with whatever makes you feel the most beautiful. Embrace feminine fruity scents that go on light and flirty. Soft scents like pears and jasmine with be sure to make you feel sweet hearted and romantic. A great go-to is Marc Jacob’s ‘Daisy Eau So Fresh’, a lighter more feminine version of Marc Jacob’s classic fragrance, ‘Daisy’.


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