Top Five Trending Nail Colors for Winter Brides

Did you switch up your regular lip palette yet? The seasons have changed, it’s time to switch things up. If you’ve gotten on board with the rest of your beauty routine, it’s time to step up your mani/pedi game for the winter. It’s fair to opt out for a classic french mani for your big day (don’t worry, we won’t judge you!), but if you’re more adventurous or if you just want new fun shades for your bachelorette party we’ve got our top five picks for this season.


We Love Olive

For a more unexpected neutral, swoop up an earthy olive tone. This color is beautiful and complimentary of the woodsy nature of the holidays and winter in general. If you want to pair this with an outfit for your bachelorette party, get something bold in color but in the same color family- it’ll be the perfect pairing (just like you and your fiance!).


Sparkly Deep Tones

We love deep dark colors that balance out with glitter chunks for dimension. Paint this on over short nails for an edgy progressive look or on your toes for a fun sparkly surprise. This color really pops against a white dress and gives you a cool, chic look. The glitter is so necessary for making your mani that much more fun. If you wear this out with your bridesmaids, they’ll be totally jealous of how pretty your nails are.


Deep and Daring

If glitter chunks aren’t your thing, find a deep toned shade that you can layer to be as dark as you want it to be. Find something with a color-balancing sheen- like the color shown above. It skips the chunkier glitter in favor of a more subtle complexity in the shade. There is some glitter but it’s so small that it just creates a cool effect of changing a little bit when you change angles. This is for those girls who do a deep dark lipstick- if you’re daring enough for big bold lips, you’re daring enough for this!


Rudolph’s Red Mani

If you love those classics but want to adjust it for the holiday, a plummy red is perfect for you. Don’t go too dark or you can risk it looking a little vampy. You also want to skip the orange based reds and save those for the spring. A plummer red is complimentary for the season and still looks so perfect for all occasions. Red nails are just as perfect for weddings as a french mani, but that much sexier.


Galaxy-Inspired Nudes

If you want something subtle but fun, look for a warm nude shade that still has some glitter. Nothing says holidays like throwing glitter and sparkles all over everything! This nude is sheer enough to have your natural tones pull through but provides enough color to make your mani fun. This is more unconventional, so if you want to skip it for the wedding you can save it for the next bridesmaids’ night out.


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Andrea Carter

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