Top Five Tips for Saving on Your Wedding Dress

The dress you get married in is the most important dress you’ll ever buy. It’s worth taking the time to find! Unfortunately, it can also be quite costly. We understand that more people are on a budget now, so we’ve got some tips that’ll help you save on your dress.

Raid Closets

This one’s sure to make you feel nostalgic- go to your mom, grandma, or anyone else who’s been married in your family and still has their dress. There are some cultures that pass down wedding dresses from mother to daughter, why not give it a shot? If you’re able to recycle a family dress, the only expense you can expect is a good dry clean and some slight alterations. It’s a great way to save money, get some extra use out of another dress, and to honor the women in your life.

Go Big

You may already go shopping at H&M and Target- why not check out their wedding collection? More and more big brands like H&M and Target are releasing wedding lines for the more financially savvy bride, and they’re not bad! Frugal fashion is one great thing to come of the recent recession, why not take advantage? If an H&M or Target wedding dress doesn’t feel special enough, take it in to get some alterations to be more fitted or add some lace or beading for a special touch.

Try New-To-You

Go cruising at consignment stores for wedding dresses, just be sure to check them for stains first! Most people will only wear their wedding dress once, why not give it a new life? Don’t believe the hype or superstition that you can’t wear someone else’s wedding dress. If you wear it to your wedding, that makes it your wedding dress! Its’ history doesn’t matter as long as it looks good on you. If you can find the right dress and the right price, you can’t get hung up on where it originally came from. Just be sure to dry clean it no matter what, and seriously go over every inch of it for any tears, stains, or frays.

Go Short Term

Wedding dress rental businesses have been booming- why not try it out? There are tons of websites to check out in addition to actual brick and mortar stores. If the groomsmen are going to rent their tuxes just for the day, why not rent your dress? If you feel like you’re not going to wear it again after your wedding (and let’s face it- are you realistically going to wear your wedding dress again?), consider renting. Simply search ‘wedding dress rental’ and your zip code and presto! Wedding dresses by the day near you.

Try a “Non-Wedding” Wedding Dress

Are you married to the idea of the white dress? What matters most is that you feel as beautiful as possible. If that’s not in a white dress, don’t feel pressured into it! If you want to do something closer to a cocktail dress, check out the cocktail dresses! Not everyone feels comfortable in formal wear, and if that’s you it’s ok! Instead of shopping for the wedding shop for the bride (you!). Wedding dresses tend to be marked up, so if you find a dress that you love and isn’t a ‘traditional’ wedding dress, you may be able to save some money.


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Andrea Carter

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