Top Five Tips for Picking Out a Wedding Dress

You said yes to the proposal, are you ready to say ‘yes’ to a dress? The wedding dress is the most important piece of clothing a woman can wear, so you need to go in prepared. Are you ready to go shopping for the best dress of your life? You will be with these five tips.

Start Lean

It may be tempting to not eat the morning of, but you’ll need to be sharp and have lots of energy! Getting in and out of dresses all day can take much more energy than you realize. We all get that same not-fun stress right before we have to try on lots of clothes, it’s totally normal. Try some greek yogurt with fruit in the morning to get energy that won’t weigh you down or make you feel sluggish. If you’re going for extra points, grab fruits like blueberries that help sharpen your brain power and help you focus.

Know your Body

Think about your favorite dresses that you own and what you like about them. Maybe you love flowy loose pieces that make you feel romantic and light. Maybe you love your legs and like to show them off. Figure out what you love about your body and what you love to wear, and go with that! Tell the store associates what you like to wear, and be firm about it.

Have a Vision

If you have an idea based on what kind of dresses you love, go for it! You may not find the perfect dream dress immediately, so hold out and be sure you find something that you love. Don’t settle and don’t give in and just buy the first dress that fits. When you’re tired and getting zipped into what feels like the hundredth dress and it’s not even 2PM, don’t give in! Narrow your search down to dresses that have the specific elements you’re looking for. Don’t just try on a dress to try it on- that’s a surefire way to get burnt out quickly.

Bring a Buddy

Your mom, your mother-in-law-to-be, your maid of honor, your bridesmaids, whomever (as long as it’s not the groom!) can go. Try to keep it to three or under so the store doesn’t get too crowded, but you really can’t buy a wedding dress alone. You’ll need someone to help you in and out of outfits, to give feedback, and to help keep you focused.

Take Pictures

Document the day! It’ll be great to look back on, plus you get the benefit of knowing how each dress you try on looks in photos. Sometimes a dress can feel great on, but looks like a dryer sheet in a photo. You absolutely don’t want that. Ever. Plus, if you don’t go home with your dream dress immediately, you can go through what you did try on to see what kinds of dresses and cuts you liked.

Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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