Top Five Summer Bridal Beauty Trends

Need a summer update before the bachelorette party? We’ve had our eyes on these five trending looks for the summer! Be ready to get dolled up.

Punchy Pink Pucker


Lay down your lips with a bold pink waxy lipliner. If your lipliner is strong enough, any deep or fun lip color will layer perfectly over it. Anything from a hot pink to a true red will layer into a bold pink that is perfect for summer. This look is sexy and fun, making it perfect for bachelorette parties and night ceremonies. Just be sure that it is a waxy liner so that it stays on longer and through food.

Candlelit Highlighter


Nothing’s more romantic than candles- why not keep that glow going? We like creamy rose-gold highlighters right on cheekbones. Highlights that are reminiscent of candles and fire make skin glow in the summer and look perfect this season. Just be sure to blend it out with a domed brush or a blending sponge so it photographs well. You don’t want to stand out in a wedding photo for having highlighter all over your face in streaks.

Island-Chic Nails


Brights are back, but go for more mature brights. A sexy bright will look great on your fingers while they’re wrapped around a margarita on girl’s night, but also refined during the reception. Yellows and oranges are fun for the beach, but for more mature events this summer go for a deep color with a tint of fun.

Rosy Tinted Lids


We’ve been fans of doing a white liner in the waterline, but we also love more highlighted colors. A warm silver or a rose gold keeps that summer glow going all over. A smooth, highlighter eyeliner opens up your eyes all around. Use it lightly in your inner corners or as a base for your eyeshadow to create a beautiful depth. Plus, it’ll make it look like you woke up with a sparkle (and that the bachelorette didn’t run until 4AM).

Deeply Toned Teases


In the vein of a more mature bright summer this year, teals and deep greens have been everywhere. Dust off some of your fall colors and push them forward for this summer! Deep cool colors create a mysterious sultry summer vibe that’s perfect for cocktail hour or to pop on a neutral toned dress. Tones like this are also perfect for jewelry pieces, pops of eyeliner, or (if you’re adventurous) a swipe of colored mascara.

Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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