Top Five Red Carpet Ready Tricks for the Oscars (and for Brides!)

The Oscars are right around the corner, and here at Bridal Hot List we’re all about being red carpet ready! JLo may be strutting her stuff in a designer gown, but pretty soon you’ll be strutting your stuff in a wedding gown. From red carpets to wedding ceremonies, we’ve got the best kept secrets to staying stylish.Oscars3.jpg.jpg

Put on the Spritz

Before you go out, be sure your makeup isn’t going anywhere. Professionals use sealing sprays and powders to keep all color locked in and where it needs to be. One industry favorite is ‘Final Seal’ by Ben Nye. It’s hard to find if you’re not in the industry, but if you can hunt it down it will change your life. Spray over your makeup and you’ll be ready for the paparazzi, or the wedding photographers.


Pluck it

Stick a pair of tweezers in your purse before you head out- just in case. You might catch an unwanted stray gray and need it gone pronto. Tweezers are great to have on hand for more than that too- you can fix any faux lashes and use it as a general tool you may need over the course of the night. We love these cute tweezerman Betsey Johnson tweezers. The red carpet is all about designers- and Betsey Johnson is one of our faves!Oscars1.jpg.jpg

The Ultimate Compact

You’ll need one mirror with you- might as well make it one that works for you. It’s good to grab a compact that also has a powder for touch ups and enough room within for a puff or tiny brush. Look out for a matte powder meant for high definition- it’ll photograph well and not tint your tone at all.


Flame On

Even if you’re not a smoker, a lighter is a great multi-tool for any night out. Use it to burn off loose strings to keep them from pulling or tearing more. You can also use it to open bottles, light any needed candles, or to light up the sky while swaying to your favorite tune.


Mini-Makeup Remover

If you happen to be sitting through a tear-jerker, whether it’s a best drama nominee or a heartfelt best man’s speech, you run the risk of any smudged or smeared makeup. Sometimes, even the best makeup spray can’t protect you from the elements. We’re obsessed with makeup removing q-tips, and they’re popping up everywhere. Get a tiny case and stick them in your stash. Trust us, they’ll save you from disaster and keep you looking glamorous.


Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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