Top Five Reasons to Have Lighting at Your Wedding

Do you want to make your wedding an unforgettable event? Lighting is one of the ways that can make your wedding go from dull to absolutely stunning!  We asked lighting expert Tara Sorochman, from Invisible Touch Events, to tell us why lighting is a must!

  • DANCING: Lighting gives your guests a reason to dance. Dance floor lights bring energy, life, and fun to the party. It makes people want to celebrate and enjoy themselves. This is such an important factor when it comes to entertaining your guests.
  • MOOD/TONE:  The way your lighting is handled will ultimately set the mood & tone of the room. By changing the lighting throughout the night, it will bring out changes in the feelings of your guests. For example, nobody wants bright lights in their faces when they are sitting at their table. However, when you dim the lights it makes the room more intimate and allows your guests to enjoy you and those sitting around your table.
  • DECOR: You want to be able to highlight the beautiful decor you have at your wedding. For example, adding pinspots and up-lighting to your florals makes the room have a vibrant feel. The lights allow for people to notice how amazing and detail oriented the decor is.
  • FOCUS: Lighting allows your guests to notice when important events are taking place throughout the night. For instance, during the “Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dance”, you have the opportunity to spot light the dance on the dance floor. The spot light can also be great for when you are coming in for your Grand Entrance, and all eyes are on you and the bridal party.
  • PHOTOS: Photos are what you have to look back on, and you want your photos to accentuate all of the small details that created those exceptional moments. For example, a beautiful photo might be one during the night when you have your first dance, and in the background you see the gorgeous stars, your names in lights, and you in the spotlight.

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