Top Five Questions to Ask the Officiant

You have all your wedding details done, however still need to book your officiant? Your officiant is part of your wedding day, specifically the ceremony. Your ceremony is the most important part because this is where you are legally married. The ceremony is very personal and is shared with your closest friends and family. So when you are choosing who will marry you, you want to make sure it is someone who is just right. How do you choose an officiant?

There are some very important questions to ask, however let’s take a look at the top five:

  • Fees: You have set a budget (hopefully!), for every part of  your wedding, including one for your officiant. What is their fee and does it include the rehearsal? Also what is their refund policy if the wedding needs to be postponed?
  • Meeting time: Your officiant can make your ceremony special or not. Since the ceremony is such a special element of the wedding day, you want to  have the opportunity to meet with them to create that relationship.  How many times will they meet with you prior to the wedding day?
  • Rules: It is a good idea to ask if they have any rules or procedures they need to follow when performing the wedding ceremony. Do they have any restrictions with respect to the music, prayers, readings, etc.?
  • Ceremony program:  Will the officiant provide a copy of the ceremony script before the wedding day? As a follow-up, can changes be made to the script?
  • Personal:  Many couples these days like to make their ceremony even more personal by writing their own vows and sharing them at the ceremony. A question to ask to ask, is can personal vows can be included in the ceremony?

Remember this is your day, so take the time to make it special!

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