Top Five Questions to Ask the DJ

Music can make it or break it. Choosing the right DJ for your entertainment can set the mood for your guests. Guests are typically more happy when the music is really good!

When searching for the right DJ for your wedding, there are some questions to ask, however let’s take a look at the top five:

  • Do you DJ full time? This is great opportunity to find out what they do the rest of the week and what  kind of experience, background, and education they have.  It is also good to find out how long they have been a DJ for  weddings. Being a Dj for a club versus a wedding are two different events, so you want to make sure they have wedding experience!
  • What time do you arrive at the venue? This is good information to have and provide to both the venue and wedding coordinator  Weddings are all on a schedule and all parts of the wedding rely on each other. For example, the florist can not start decorating the ceremony site until it is set up.
  • What type of equipment do you bring? You can ask if they offer lighting, sound upgrades, a wireless microphone, and backup equipment.  
  • How many songs are in your music library? If there is a large selection of songs to choose from, then it makes it easier for your requests, and the DJ will not have to try to find that song you really like!
  • What are the reasons to hire you?  This will give a chance to find out more about the DJ’s personality and get a feel for how they are with you. In addition to your photographer, videographer, wedding coordinator  and venue contact person, you will be interacting with the DJ quite a bit on the big day. So you want to make sure you  have the chance to get to know them!

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