Top Five Questions to Ask the Ceremony Venue

Your engaged, and now it is time to find the perfect ceremony venue for your big day. Your ceremony is a really special part of the day, because this is the part where you actually get married. You are announced Mr. and front of  your closest friends and family.  It is a really intimate moment. So choosing the right ceremony venue is key to creating that perfect ambience for you and your guests. Every bride and groom wants to create a lasting memory when they become husband and wife.

So, once you have found the ceremony venue that you love,  it is best to find out a little more about the venue and make sure all your questions are answered. So grab a notepad and a pen and get ready to ask away!

There are some very important questions to ask, however let’s take a look at the top five:

  • Fees:  You have a budget set for each element of your wedding, and this is an important question to ask. What is the fee for renting the venue and what does that include? You really want to make sure that you are provided a list to look at. Along with the fee, ask how much deposit is required and when will the remaining balance is due?  It is also a good idea to ask, What is the refund policy?
  • Equipment: What equipment is included with the fee of the ceremony space. You find out because you want to know if you will have to bring in the rental items, and if not, how much more it will cost to add those in.  For example: microphones, microphone stand, PA system, candelabras, organ, etc. This is a good time to also ask if there is a changing room for the bride and groom.
  • Room Capacity:  What is the guest capacity in the ceremony space? If you have 300 guests attending the ceremony, and the space can only accommodate 100, then this is something to consider. However, some couples will invite only part of the guest list to the ceremony space and this always helps with lowering the number of guests at the ceremony. So if you are really in love with the space, but can not have all 300 guests at your ceremony, then invite your closest friends and family only.
  • Requirements/Policies: What are the insurance requirements?, if any? Are there any restrictions on candles, flowers, and other decorations? How early can set up start? Are there any rules? For example, rose petals, rice tossing, or taking photographs?
  • Officiant:  Does the venue offer an officiant? Will the officiant be available for the rehearsal? If officiant is not offered at venue, are there any requirements of the officiant?

The more information you gather, will make you feel more comfortable and easier to make a final decision about booking your ceremony venue.

Good luck!


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