Top Five Must-Haves for a Stay-Sane Bridal Kit

Planning a wedding isn’t easy- there’s a reason there’s an entire profession dedicated to expertly handling the event. There can be a ton of stress that goes along with making one big event go perfectly and smoothly. It’s important to be able to take a moment to relax and de-stress so you don’t get overwhelmed or anxious before the big day. We have a few must-have items that you’ll need to get through the hectic planning phase. Just keep this kit stashed somewhere nearby and you’ll feel zen in no time. Bonus points if you’re a bridesmaid and can put this together for the bride!

On the Go Lotion


Keep a small stash of lotion on hand in case you feel dry, or if your head starts to hurt. If you feel a headache coming on, simply take a tiny bit of lotion and rub your palms. Focus on the part of your palm just under your thumb and it can ease the pain. Simple massaging and rubbing can fend off the worst of migraines and headaches without popping any pills. Plus, your hands will get super soft!

Instant Smiles


When you’re getting frustrated or flustered, the best thing you can do is mentally retreat to good times. Thinking about a fun party or people you love can help you refocus and get into a good mood (even if it feels challenging in the moment!). Keep cute pictures that make you smile stashed in your purse or set as the wallpaper of your phone. Having constant reminders of the love and the light in your life will keep you feeling good, even if you’re under stress.

Snack Attack


This may sound maternal- but always pack a snack! Sometimes skipping meals or not eating enough can make people cranky or irritable. You want to go into all your wedding decisions and meetings feeling good and balanced- so attack it with a snack! It doesn’t have to be anything big, but your snacks should work for you. If you’re super active and need more energy early in the day, you may need something a little heavier. If you get sleepy or just need something to chew, maybe little pieces of candy just to wake you up. Keep a stash in your car just in case you need something on the go between meals. Just try not to snack too much before the cake tasting!

Stay Shady


Good sunglasses are a Southern California staple and should never be forgotten! You may need to remember to stash them in your purse before you start running around doing wedding errands for more reasons than just to look cute. Keeping the sun out of your eyes keeps your eyes from straining, preventing symptoms like headaches and eye strains. Keeping UV lights from getting to your sensitive eye skin can prevent your eye skin from aging as quickly. The less damage your eyes receive, the less damaged your eyes look! Make sure your pair of shades is not only adorable, but offer some UV protection. You’ll thank us when you look refreshed and young in your wedding photos!

The Es-scent-ial Candle


Have you ever smelled something and immediately felt happy? Your sense of scent is actually very strong and is known to cultivate memories. Go splurge on a great candle for yourself that reminds you of being happy. If you don’t have any scents that you can think of, look for a stress-relief candle (yes, it’s a thing!). Light it when you get home as you’re relaxing or working on wedding planning. The scent will help you stay level headed and ready to focus.


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Andrea Carter

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