Top Five Kid-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Got a gang of little ones who RSVP’d? Kids can be tricky at traditional big events like weddings (especially if they’re all dressed up in clothes they can’t get messy!). We’ve got a few tips to help you plan for the little ones to keep them, their parents, and you happy.

Group the Little Ones

While you’re going through your RSVP’s, try to get ages (or at least ballpark ages) for all the little ones who will be at the wedding. If they’re too young, it may be good to keep them with their parents. If they’re old enough to not need mom or dad for every bite, think about doing a kid’s table situated between enough of their parents. Remember, every kid is different, so think about whether it will be good or distracting to keep them together during the ceremony. Ceremonies can be tricky, since you’ll want little distraction. Try to envision if they’re old enough to sit still and not make loud noises while you’re reciting your vows. If they’re not, it may be wise to have a plan B for the little ones.

Have a Contingency Plan

If the little ones will get too distracted during the ceremony or won’t be able to sit still, think about having something else set up for them during that time. It’s perfectly okay to be selfish during your wedding- it’s your show your way. Coloring books and crayons can be good for some kids but not enough for others. If you’re able to, maybe assign someone to babysitting duty with the little ones in a separate room or area from the ceremony. Throwing on Finding Nemo and having some puzzles or toys can keep your ceremony from unwanted fits or crying.

Plan the Floor

If you’re doing drinks or any kind of alcohol, be sure that any tabletops are high enough that kids can’t reach them. A maitai may sound good to us, but it looks like juice to little ones. You may also want to keep the gift area elevated enough that kids don’t try to open everything like a  birthday gift unwrapping party. Keeping kids corralled in a corner away from breakables, glass, and alcohol keeps everyone safe.

Consider Entertaining the Little Guests

A DJ or band will tie over your more grown guests, but will music alone engage the kids? Board games like Candyland or Guess Who can really keep younger ones entertained (and maybe some of your older ones, too!). This BHL blogger was at a wedding years ago that actually had a magician to perform for the children. This may be an expense that isn’t always planned for, but that particular wedding had a large number of children and kept them all entertained and happy while the rest of the guests hit the dance floor.

Thank Them Too

Be sure that the kids know that you appreciate them coming as well. Kids can be hard to plan for at weddings, but you should still be courteous to them as guests just like you would any other guest. Address the thank you note to them as well as whoever took them to the wedding, and give them hugs and thank you’s for coming before they leave. If you can, send them copies of any pictures that they’ve made cameos in. You do need to play to their crowd specifically, but they will feel really good about being appreciated.


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Andrea Carter

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