Top Five Bridal Hairstyle Trends

You have the dress, shoes, accessories,and make-up all set, however what will make your bridal look come together? Choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding day!  Whether you have short or long hair, choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day will make your bridal look complete.  Which hairstyle fits your personality and style?  Want to find out what the hottest bridal hairstyle trends are?

We asked hair expert, Gina Ludwig who is the director and owner of Hair Comes the Bride to tell us. Ready to find out whats hot?

  • Soft Romantic Up-do: Gone are the days of the stiff, crunchy “prom” up-do.  When brides are wearing an up-do, most are going more for a soft, romantic style with lots of movement. How romantic and sweet!

  • All Down Hairstyle: More and more brides are wearing their hair all down.  If you opt for this style, make sure you have the hair type, and choose a style that will stay all day long.  BTW- Extensions can help! This look is so gorgeous!

  • Messy Up-do: Soft organic hairstyles that look like you could have maybe done them yourself. However, there is a fine line between “messy” and “a hot mess”, so be careful! This look is beautiful!

  • Vintage Waves: Another version of the hair down is the soft 1940s vintage waves.  A great choice for all hair types. This is absolutely stunning!

  • Top Knot Bun: A much more dramatic hairstyle, the celebrity inspired top knot bun is for the bride who is very stylish and has the confidence to pull it off! This look is HOT!

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