Top Five Best Man Duties

Last week, we had a post on the Top Five Maid of Honor Duties. This weekend, which is all about the groom and the groomsmen, we are going to check out what the best man duties are. When it comes to these duties, some are similar but some are also very different when compared to the duties of the maid of honor.  The groom chooses his best man based on certain qualities which he sees fit. He is going to marry the love of his life and wants the right person to stand next to him when this happens.

Here are the top five best man duties:

  • Party Planner: Plan and coordinate the Bachelor party. You can plan this with some of the groomsmen and make it an unforgettable night! However, listen to what the groom wants for his party, and do not plan what YOU may like. Not all groom’s wants a Vegas, Hang-over weekend.
  • Travel Agent: Confirm honeymoon travel reservations, and make sure the tickets are in a place where the groom can find them. You also want to verify the arrival and depature time of the transportation to and from the venue. Have transportation ready for when the bride and groom depart the venue and head to their hotel or honeymoon.
  • Social Guy: Greet guests when they arrive at the wedding. Dance with the guests, including the bride, the bridesmaids, maid of honor, and mother of the bride and groom. You will probably be asked to give a toast to the newlyweds, so make sure to write and practice it prior to the wedding day.
  • Be Responsible: Attend the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, formalwear fittings, and all events related to the wedding. On the day of the wedding be responsible for your own formalwear.  Give out payments on the day of the wedding to the vendors or the officiant. A very important responsibility is holding the bride’s ring until the exchange of the rings.
  • Personal Assistant: Assist the groom with phone calls, errands, helping him with whatever is needed. Make sure the boutonniere’s arrive and the groom and the groomsmen have their on and ready for photos. 

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