Top Five Alternatives to the All White Wedding Dress

Happy Day-After-Labor Day! Did you have an awesome three day weekend? We sure did here at BHL. You may have heard of the old fashion rule to “not wear white after Labor Day”, haven’t you? It may seem a little silly, but it got us thinking about wearing white. Most brides wear white dresses to their weddings, but if that’s really not your style that’s totally fine! It’s your wedding, you shouldn’t have to wear anything you’re not 100% comfortable in. If you’re leaning against the white dress and Labor Day has nothing to do with it, don’t sweat it. We have our top five alternatives to the classic white dress right here!

Be the Bold Bride

Go forth and make a statement! You didn’t land your fiance by being boring, right? Look for a dress in a strong color, but keep it a classic color so you’ll look timeless. Aim for red, navy, or black, but keep the cut and fit formal. Look for long and elegant gowns. If you want to really stand out, put your bridesmaids in nude tones or earthy muted tones.

Lacy Lady

If you want to have a romantic dress but put a little white in there anyway, look for pieces that have white lace overlays. You could also find a dress that you love and go to a seamstress to have lace put over it. This creates the look of a romantic white bridal gown, but you get the added color palette to play with!

Down to Earth

If you like a classic tone but just aren’t into white, find a soft earthy tone that suits your skin and work with that. Keep your bridesmaids in a similar tone that is a little softer so your color looks that much more vibrant near them, while still being somewhat neutral. This is probably one of the easier ways to get away with not wearing white and still looking like a classic bride.

Pack a Punch

If you’re outgoing and fun, go for something LOUD. Wear a bold and bright color that looks great on you like a punchy pink or a fun fuchsia. Wear green if you want to- it’s your wedding! But break up that bold color with some white, like a white underlay or a white waist tie. Incorporate some elements of white into the dress as an homage to the classic all white wedding dress. It’s a cute twist on the white dress that’s fun and playful.

Crisp and Chic

Wear whatever dress makes you feel most beautiful and top it off with a crisp white blazer. Your dress can be whatever color or print you want- anything looks polished and put together with a white blazer over it! This may especially work for you if you’re planning on an outdoor wedding this fall or winter. Plus, if you invest in a beautiful fitted white blazer you’ll just have this amazing classic piece in your wardrobe!


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Andrea Carter

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