Top 5 Favorite Bouquets

If the cake is the main focal point of the reception, then what is the main focal point of the ceremony, (besides the bride and groom of course!)?

The bride’s bouquet! If it is lush and leafy, or soft and romantic, it brings attention to us.

Here are my top 5 favorite bouquets:

  • The Brooch Bouquet.  This is a perfect way to include family traditions on your wedding day.
  • Classic Bouquet. White and light pink roses with a little bling. love!
  • True Romance Bouquet.  Dark Red Roses and Orchids. This bride is absolutely beautiful with this bouquet! Love! Love!
  • Peacock Bouquet.  What a great way to incorporate a peacock theme into the bouquet. Calla lilies and peacock feathers.  Simply love it!
  • Simple Bouquet.  Gorgeous Lilac buds, tulips, and double ranunculus. Its simple yet there is a pop of color which is eye catching! Perfect for a summer wedding!

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