Tommy Bahama Wedding Venue

A wedding event at Tommy Bahama? Who would have thought? You may be familiar with Tommy Bahama clothing, however did you know they also offer fabulous dining? I recently had the opportunity to visit Tommy Bahama’s Island Grille located in beautiful Newport Beach, CA. When I walked in, I instantly felt like I was back in Hawaii, a feeling of the island.

If you love Tommy Bahama’s clothing, then you will absolutely  love the food! I could not wait to try it! I sat in the outside patio enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather. My first taste of the food was the delicious bread and butter. The breads are made fresh everyday and it was brought out fresh and warm. It was really good!

I was trying to decide what to order and I could not decide! Everything on the menu looked so good, I wish I could have tried everything! After drooling over the menu, I finally decided to order. Do you want to know what I ordered? Check it out!

Is your mouth watering?  This was one of the best burgers I have ever had! This is the Bungalow Cheeseburger which is a burger with proprietary grind, white cheddar, panchetta, Avocado, topped with pineapple relish and thousand island and side of french fries. All the flavors blended perfectly to create a delicious burger. I loved it! It was delicious. This burger is one of many choices that you can choose from for your guests to enjoy at your wedding. There are a variety of menu options for you and your guests to enjoy.

What was next? Dessert of course! Again, I could not decide! Which one would you choose?

Being a chocolate lover, I went with the  Chocolate Malted Pie. What do you think?

One bite and my eyes rolled in the back of head, and I was in chocolate heaven!  This chocolate dessert is a chocolate cookie crust, malted whipped cream with English toffee crumbles. So good! You can really “wow” your guests if you serve this or any of the other fabulous dessert choices.

After all that amazing eating, I took a walk around to see what this island style restaurant has to offer.  They have an intimate patio, a private dining room, and a stunning garden patio.  The largest space can hold up to 110 guests.

Here is a look at the private dining room. Beautiful!

The garden patio is the perfect setting for a wedding reception. Gorgeous right?

I enjoyed the excellent service, island ambience, and fresh cuisine. Thank you Tommy Bahama’s Island Grille!


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