TLC’s Four Weddings Winning Groom: February 15th

Who was the winning groom from Friday’s TLC’s Special episode of “Four Weddings: Grooms Take Over”?  Rick!  Even though he was in the drivers seat for most of the planing,  he really wanted to make sure there was some bling in the wedding details, and that all paid off.  Rick’s simple and sparkle wedding was elegant and chic. It scored Rick a total score of 83 points out of 120 points. Here is the breakdown.

Venue: 19 points
Bride’s Dress:  19points
Experience: 19 points
Food: 26 points

The other three grooms really liked the food at Rick’s wedding.  Rick scored the highest points in this category.  The menu featured:

  • Starter :Cucumber salad
  • Main Course: Choice of Chicken stuffed Risotto, or Fillet Mignon with Shrimp

Seemed that these choices were right and the other grooms really enjoyed what they ate! I always say that food is one of the most important elements at the wedding. It is something guests will talk about, whether it was bad or good. However, you really want to serve food which guests will really enjoy!   Congrats to Rick for winning an all expenses paid honeymoon. After all the planning of his wedding with his bride, the couple is now ready for a relaxing honeymoon.

Here is a look back at Rick’s wedding:

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