TLC’s Four Weddings Recap: November 1st

Did you watch last night’s episode of “Four Weddings” on TLCAs promised, here is a recap of the episode:

  • Who are the Brides?: 

    TLC Four Weddings - Recap of Nov 1 2012 Episode

    TLC Four Weddings – Recap of Nov 1 2012 Episode

    Cheryl is a fun loving bride who loves to dance and have a great time. She had a very unique ceremony with photo poster boards and wedding date history facts. The reception had lots of music and a fun activity for all the guests.
    Mandi had a alcohol themed wedding with a beautiful lakeside ceremony, a grand reception space with alcohol glass style centerpieces, and shot glass wedding favors.
    Chrystal shared her Native American tribal traditions at her wedding. The ceremony had a stunning waterfall as a backdrop, and a very peaceful setting. It was perfect for her tribal tradition wedding.
    Lindsey is a high class elegant bride who had her wedding at a magnificent mansion with an outside ceremony. She incorporated both Catholic and Jewish traditions in her ceremony. Her reception featured tall flower centerpieces, a live band, and a leprechaun. Yes a leprechaun! It was part of the groom’s cake entrance, as he is a big Norte Dame fan.

  • Cool factor:  There was one element from each wedding that stood out for me. At Cheryl’s wedding, the fun activity that she had for her guests was a flip book photo booth. It was really cool, as each guest got together with their friends and took photos, and then instantly a flip book is created. Its great because guests have something they can take home and make a memory of the wedding day. Mandi’s wedding dress was so beautiful. I absolutely loved all the details of her dress,especially the cuffed sleeves. Just stunning!  Chrystal’s tradtional tribal round dance was fantastic. I thought it was a great way to include her guests with her tribal traditions. Lindsey’s ceremony flowers and decor was gorgeous. I loved the vines and flowers, and how great it looked with the bridesmaid’s dresses.
  • Who won? Congrats to Cheryl winning!  She and  her husband won an all expenses paid honeymoon. I was not surprised about Cheryl winning at all, she seemed to deserve it! While I can not account for the food since I wasn’t actually there, all the other elements – venue, dress, and originality – were owned by Cheryl’s wedding, easily exceeding the rest. I thought that every element of her wedding came together perfectly. It looked like such a fun wedding to be at, and I’m sure viewers (like me) could tell how happy the couple and their guests were. Great job Cheryl!  So how did the other three brides score? Mandi came in second, Chrystal in third, and Lindsey in fourth place.
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  1. I came across this while looking for a link to our episode! Just wanted to say THANK YOU! The show was SO much fun to tape and we were so thankful to be a part of it.

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