TLC’s Four Weddings Episode Recap: March 22nd

Did you watch last night’s episode of “Four Weddings” on TLC?  What are your thoughts of the four brides and their Florida weddings? What details stood out for you? If you missed it, we have a recap of the episode:

Who are the Brides?: TLC

  • Sarah, a bride who is a total country girl, and shares her love with the outdoors with her guests. The wedding takes place at her parent’s home, with the ceremony outside on the yard under a huge tree. There are hay stacks for seats, and hanging mason jars with baby’s breath decorated down the aisle   All around are guests in cowboy boots and hats. The processional begins with the groom and his men on a tracker, with the bride and her girls on a monster truck. The girls wearing lace dresses with cowboy boots, and the men in jeans and their cowboy boots. After sharing personal vows, the couple departs in a monster truck with kegs hanging off the back. During cocktail hour, the bride and groom along with their wedding party take photos with guns in hand. The reception space is also outdoors, featuring simple decor. Each table has a tree stump with mason jars full of flowers. After a country style buffet, guests choose a flower pot style cupcake or a white flower designed cupcake.  The guests then got their hoedown and danced the night away under the stars.
  • Carole, a bride who loves her sweets. The ceremony takes place on the courtyard surrounded by greenery and water. The decor is simple with purple rose petals down the aisle runner, and white small columns with purple ribbons. The couple shares a Jewish ceremony, as they stand under the chuppah with their family. After the groom breaks the glass, and they tie the knot, guests take a trolley to the reception space.  The centerpieces were handmade by the bride, and they were silver branch style decor with purple flowers. Guests walk around the brunch stations to choose their meals. The wedding cake was a three tier cake with the middle tier covered with rainbow sprinkles, and the top tier with a rubber ducky groom and bride.
  • Jenelle  is a bride who shares her love for Asian style at her wedding. The ceremony takes place at a local church. The decor was very simple with Asian style fans decorated along the aisle and some white flowers. The ceremony brought together the bride and groom with their two children as they take part in a Unity Sand ceremony. After tying knot, guests take a ride to a friend’s house where the celebration continued. Set  outside in the backyard, the cocktail hour and reception takes place. Under the white tent, the tables are set with some Asian inspired decor. Each guest table had a lantern with rocks around it and candles. Above the tables hung upside umbrellas. During cocktail hour a lady dressed in a Kimono was serving drinks. After an Asian style buffet  guests have a chance to send a wish lantern up to the sky.
  • Annie is a fashionista bride who starts her wedding at a local church. Inside the church, white tulle with hot pink ribbons are decorated down the aisle.  The bridesmaid dresses were all designed by the bride. The groom shares his vows through a rap poetic style. After sharing their first kiss as a couple, the couple is now married.  The reception space is a grand space with hanging chandeliers, pink up-lighting, and table centerpieces that are tall white candelabras with hot pink lush flowers and bling. Annie surprises her groom with a dress change into a silver sparkling dress, and then performs a song and dance.

A Hot Detail:  There was one detail from each wedding that stood out for me. What I thought was so amazing at Sarah’s wedding was the S’mores station. Well, it was not an actual station, however there was a fire pit, where you can make your own s’mores. How awesome is that? I am a huge s’mores fan, so I totally loved this idea. Perfect for a country outdoor wedding. I can taste them now. Yum!  What I absolutely loved at Carole’s wedding was the sweet station. There was a huge table full of an assortment of candy and sweets. Guest grabbed a bag, and filled their bags with their favorite treats. Fun and sweet! I loved the grand entrance of Jenelle and her husband.  As they walked in, fireworks went off and lit up the sky. I love fireworks and thought t was the perfect way to make an entrance at a wedding. I really loved that part. I thought that the party vibe was great at  Annie’s  wedding. Guests were handed some fun props like hats and oversized glasses, to dance around with. Then confetti dropped from the ceiling down. I love a fun scene at a wedding. It is a celebration after all.

TLCWho won?: Congrats to Carole for winning!  She and her husband won an all expenses paid honeymoon to Amsterdam.  I was kind of shocked about Carole winning.  I did like her wedding details and sweet sensation wedding theme, however I liked Sarah’s wedding the best. I thought she really did a such a great job in putting together a rustic, country look for her wedding, I really thought it was country without being to casual and plain. I would have loved to be at Sarah’s wedding!  However, I did like Carole’s Jewish ceremony, color scheme, and fun candy station. For sure, thought that her love for sweets was shown on her wedding day.  So how did the other three brides score? Sarah came in second, Annie in third, and Janelle in fourth. Were you surprised by the results?  Love to hear from you, so please share!


  1. First of all, the weddings took place in South Florida. Secondly, I was not surprised by Carole winning because I was actually at her wedding and it was amazing!

    The show showed very little of her wedding therefore you were unable to see everything that she had at her wedding.
    Just wanted to set the record straight!

    • Niloufar Gibson says:

      Thanks for the comment, and wonderful you were at the wedding! Yes unfortunately we only see bits of the wedding which is aired. Happy to hear you had a good time at Carole’s wedding.

  2. Anne Vestur says:

    Glad to see Carol win. Not impressed with Annie, miserable, sour faced diva. She needs to get over herself. Nothing seemed to please her. What a shame. At least the other girls were down to earth.

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