TLC’s Four Weddings Episode Recap: January 3rd

Did you watch last night’s episode of “Four Weddings” on TLCHere is a recap of the episode:

Who are the Brides?: 

  • Jessica, a backyard glamour bride who has her wedding set outside. The ceremony was surrounded with tall trees, and lush green lawns. Featured are white chairs with black bows on the back, white alter piece, and beautiful red rose bridal bouquet. A ring exchange? No, not at Jessica’s wedding. Instead of exchanging rings, the couple each had tattoos done on their inner wrists, and revealed them at the ceremony. Under a grand white tent, the reception space was set. It featured black laced table linens, stunning chandeliers hanging above, and a vase filled with white calla lilies as a guest table centerpiece. What is more suiting for a backyard wedding than barbecue type foods? Guests enjoy a buffet of various barbecue foods. After dancing away, fireworks light up the dark sky.
  • Lynette loves locally grown food. What a better place than having her wedding is set at a farm. The ceremony is in the middle of a vast field with grazing cows in the distance. The ceremony was very personal, with personal vows shared and a very close friend of the couple as their officiant. Guests walk into the barn where the reception takes place. The barn is beautiful with twinkle lights, hanging chandeliers, and simple tree and flower centerpieces.  With their love for food, the couple served a choice of seafood, meat, or chicken. Milkshakes at a wedding? Yes indeed! Following dinner, guests got to enjoy Vanilla or Chocolate milk shakes. A flash mob dance was performed for the couple and their guests. Lynette and her groom are both actors and have friends who are in Broadway and other productions, so this was perfect way to share their love for performance.
  • Nicole is a bride who loves the sea and sets off to the ocean on a yacht with her guests to say ” I do”. Before boarding the yacht, a stop if made at a church for their ceremony. The ceremony decor is very simple, with no wedding type decor, however there are some church features of stained glass windows.  Once married, Nicole and her groom and all their guests set sail on a yacht to celebrate. Inside the yacht, the decor was very simple: A large ice sculpture, a pot of flowers as centerpieces on the tables, and a simple three tier cake.
  • Wendy loves colonial times and has her wedding at venue which steps back in time. Recreated like a time of an eighteen century New England village, guests are surrounded with all that is during that time.  A horse and carriage takes guests to the ceremony spot. A traditional meeting house is where the ceremony takes place with eighteen century dressed men passing out programs as guests walk in. Inside you will find candles lit chandeliers  and very simple decor, keeping with the eighteen century theme. Guests find their way to their table with escort antique style keys. Keeping with the eighteen century era, inside the reception space was all candle lit, wooden chairs, mason jars and candles for centerpieces, and a quaint overall look. Surrounded by strobe lights, the dance floor is full of guests dancing the night away.

Cool factor:  There was one detail from each wedding that stood out for me. What I loved at Jessica’s wedding was the personalized tree stump made for the couple. A close friend of the couple engraved the couples initials with a heart on a tree stump. It was something unique and special, and I thought it was perfect for a wedding day. It is great because they can then bring it home and display it. How cute is that! Lynette’s dress was gorgeous! She wore a all lace dress with a low back and beautiful details of bottons going down the back of the dress. The dress complimented her wedding style very well. That dress was meant for her, simply stunning!   The views of the Boston skyline was pretty amazing at Nicole’s wedding. To be able to go to the top deck and experience Boston in that fashion is pretty unique and memorable.  What I thought was so sweet was Wendy and her groom’s personal vows which they shared with each other. I really love when couples exchange personal words about their love with each other. It is so heartfelt and just sweet.

Who won? Congrats to Wendy for winning!  She and her husband won an all expenses paid honeymoon to Jamaica  I was kind of surprised about Wendy coming into first place. I actually thought that Lynette was going to win it all. I really loved every detail of Lynette’s wedding. However, Wendy came in second with my voting. So I was pretty close right?  While I can not account for the food since I wasn’t actually there, I did like the originality, venue, and the dress for Wendy’s wedding. Keeping with the eighteen century theme, I thought that every detail of her wedding was really authentic.  A wedding which I think you would agree would be one to attend and really enjoy. Great job Wendy!  So how did the other three brides score? Lynette came super close (one point) at second, Nicole in third, and Jessica in fourth place. Were you surprised by the results?

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