TLC’s Four Weddings Episode Recap: January 10th

Did you watch last night’s episode of “Four Weddings” on TLCHere is a recap of the episode:

Amber, a bride from this week's TLC episode of "Four Weddings"

Amber, a bride from this week’s TLC episode of “Four Weddings”

Who are the Brides?: 

  • Amber a bride together with her groom share their wedding day with their two daughters in a Hawaiian style. Outside, the ceremony took place with hanging tropical flowers along the aisle, orchids hanging on the alter, all surrounded by a serene environment. While the groomsmen played ukulele, the bride was escorted in with her two brothers. Guests enjoyed a traditional Polynesian dance during cocktail hour, giving that Hawaiian feel. Inside the reception, the guest tables had simple decor of orchids submerged in water with candles. Keeping with the Hawaiian theme, the buffet offered a spread of Hawaiian style food. Amber and her groom depart their wedding as sparklers guide their way by their guests.
  • Whitney a high energy bride who loves to dance. The wedding ceremony took place in a romantic garden, “Shakespeare’s garden” in San Francisco. San Francisco can get cold, and this day was cold, so each guest was offered a small blanket to wrap themselves in as they sat in the ceremony. Surrounded by greenery, trees, and some flowers, the couple said ” I do”. Following the ceremony, guests went San Francisco style, and rode on a trolley to get to the reception. The guest tables were decorated with white and pink flowers, candles, and custom made frames. After a Southern style food buffet, guests danced the night away.
  • Christine a bride who is eco friendly and Victorian all at the same time. Guests dress with Victorian inspired hats as they enter the wedding which takes place at the local zoo. The African Savanna plays as the backdrop for the ceremony with Zebras, Antelopes, and birds. Something unique was the story of the rings they exchanged with each other. The rings were the groom’s grandparent’s rings, and they were melted down, and then new rings were formed. The couple made a day of it, and created the new rings. After a ride on the carousel, guests enter the reception space which features different color butterflies on each guest table, a tiger print design inside the piece of cake, a dress change for Christine, and a dance floor full of guests.
  • Shelly  blends her Afghan traditions with Western traditions at her elegant style wedding.  Set on a beautiful golf course, the ceremony features glass jars full of purple and white flowers, white rose petals down the aisle, and a personal friend as the officiant. The reception space had many damask details from the escort cards, table numbers, linens, to the cake. Colors of purple were shown in the room. Traditional Afghan music was played as guests danced the night away.

Cool factor:  There was one detail from each wedding that stood out for me. What I loved at Amber’s the unity sand ceremony which was performed with their two daughters. It was not the typical sand ceremony, where you combine two colors of sand into one vase. However, they had a family photo in a frame, and each family member poured a different color of sand into the frame. I thought that was really sweet. I loved it!  OK, so I really loved Whitney’s recessional once they were married. Starting with the bride and groom, and then each bridesmaid and their groomsmen, they danced their way back up the aisle and exited. It totally set the mood for the rest of the wedding. What a fun way to exit!  What I thought was pretty cool at Christine’s  wedding is that guests had a chance to feed giraffes! How neat is that? I think it is something totally unique and very memorable for the couple and their guests.  What I thought was so great at Shelly’s wedding was when her mom applied the henna to guests. This was such a wonderful way to share the culture and tradition with the guests. Really nice gesture.

Who won? Congrats to Whitney for winning!  She and her husband won an all expenses paid honeymoon to St. Lucia.  I was not surprised  at all about Whitney winning it all.  While I can not account for the food since I wasn’t actually there, I did like the originality, venue, and the dress for Wendy’s wedding. I really loved all the details of her wedding. From the sweet ambience of the garden ceremony  the personal blankets, the trolley ride to the reception, to the party vibe feel.  I totally wanted to be a guest at this wedding and enjoy all the wonderful elements. Great job Whitney!  So how did the other three brides score? Amber came in second, Shelly in third, and Christine in fourth place. Were you surprised by the results?

Congrats to Whitney for winning!

Congrats to Whitney for winning!

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  1. Christine was so overly critical and low scoring of the others it was sickening. Then her wedding had the same lack of detail she was complaining about and was in short, a hot mess of various themes. I am so glad she came in last.

    • Niloufar Gibson says:

      Allison, Thanks for sharing your thoughts at BHL! Yeah some brides do that, and others like to just enjoy the experience. Thanks for reading our posts! Look for more each week!

  2. I thought Christine was deliberately scoring low. If you have an eco friendly wedding you don’t use plastic cups.

  3. Christine was deliberately low-balling the other brides. When she couldn’t come up with a valid complaint she complained that one of the brides could have provided dental floss in the bathrooms for the guests because the food stuck in her teeth. I understand the food getting stuck in her teeth because her teeth look rat-like but that’s all the more reason for HER to always have her own floss in her purse. She deserved to come in last.

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