TLC’s Four Weddings Episode Recap: December 27th

Did you watch last night’s episode of “Four Weddings” on TLCHere is a recap of the episode:

Who are the Brides?: 

TLC's "Four Weddings" Bride.

TLC’s “Four Weddings” Bride.

  • Jenna is a laid back bride who gets married at her childhood church. The church featured tall ceilings, and a modern design. Bridesmaids wore blue dresses and the groomsmen wore blue shirts and black suspenders. Sunflowers tied to the pews brightened the room. This wedding continues at the whaling museum, where the cocktail hour and reception takes place.   A large boat in the middle of the cocktail hour “wows” guests as they walk in. Guests then enter the gallery rooms where large whales are displayed above the reception tables. Sunflowers decorated cupcakes instead of wedding cake were served to all the guests.  Guests dance the night away with Jenna at the center, as she really gets down and shows off her dance moves.
  • Celeste  is a backyard bride who shares her Mexican traditions with all her guests. Her love for family brings her wedding to her mother’s backyard.  Traditional Mexican papel picados (paper banners), handmade by the mother of the bride hung above. Guests enjoyed drinks in their personal mason jars prior to the ceremony. The ceremony space was very casual and simple, with a gazebo, and stacks of hay for guests to sit on. Keeping with the backyard theme, the guest tables all featured two potted plants for centerpieces, and plant wedding favors for each guest. At nightfall, each guest sent a wish lantern into the sky.
  • Cammi is a Harvard Ph.D student for biological sciences, and spends her days in the lab.  She adores her school and so has her wedding set at Harvard University. Harvard’s grand church with high vaulted ceilings, and stunning archways, sets the scene for the ceremony. An ensemble of musicians play music as guests arrive, and then for the grand entrance of the bride.  A very formal affair. The rest of the day is set at a historical inn.  A cocktail hour that features a bacon bar was definitely unique. To find their tables, guests picked up a lantern with a lighted candle inside, which also had their name and table number.  The reception space was formal with red, black, and white colors. There was not only one cake, but three cakes total. One was a four tiered cake with red ribbons wrapped around each tier and red roses. The other two were for the groom and bride. A violin shaped cake for the groom, and the letter “H” for Harvard for the bride.
  • Anjali, a princess bride and her Prince Charming share their wedding at a grand castle. She is a princess with a prince planner. Her prince planned all the details of their storybook wedding.  Guests walk through a red carpet draw bridge and enter the castle. The ceremony is inside a large dark hallway with lit candles, and medieval elements throughout. Very elegant. After the fairytale kiss, guests enjoy cocktail outside with sweeping views of the water. Caricature artists create personal portraits to enjoy and take home. The long hallway which was once the ceremony space was now the grand reception hall. Two long tables were set for guests to sit at. Wish lanterns were lit and sent off into the night sky.

Cool factor:  There was one detail from each wedding that stood out for me. What I loved at Cammi’s wedding was that the centerpieces at each guest table was a bride cage and inside the lyrics and sheet music for their first dance. How cute is that? This was so unique and personal for the couple since the groom is a musician and they share love for music. I have never seen this at any weddings I have attended or planned. I really loved this idea! Celeste’s  dress and veil was beautiful! I thought that the style fit her perfectly. I really loved the long veil. Even though I normally have seen long veils at church weddings, the veil worked for Celeste. It seems effortless, like the veil was meant for that dress and Celeste. Anjali’s cake was phenomenal! It was four cakes all connected by grand staircases, and the middle cake had a water fountain under it! Truly amazing! I thought it was perfect for a princess bride and her fairytale wedding. What I thought was so cute and fun was Jenna’s  first dance with her husband. It started as a sweet slow dance and then the music picked up, and they danced to a choreographed fun dance. The dance was choreographed by Jenna herself, which I thought was super cute. How fun!

Who won? Congrats to Cammi for winning!  She and her husband won an all expenses paid honeymoon to San Miguel, Mexico. I was not surprised about Cammi winning at all, she totally deserved it! Actually, as soon as I watched this wedding, without even seeing the rest, I knew Cammi would win! I loved everything about this wedding. While I can not account for the food since I wasn’t actually there, all the other details – venue, dress, and originality – were owned by Cammi’s wedding, easily exceeding the rest. I thought that every detail of her formal wedding was elegant and chic.  A wedding which I think you would agree would be one to attend and really enjoy. Wonderful job Cammi!  So how did the other three brides score? Amanda came super close (one point) at second, Celeste in third, and Anjali in fourth place. Were you surprised by the results?

Congrats to Cammi for winning!

Congrats to Cammi for winning!

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  1. Cammi was a snob and kind of a jerk. She voted everyone else’s
    wedding poorly so she would win. I didn’t like this episode because of

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