Three Tactful Ways to Say “No” to Wedding Guests

Weddings are fantastic- but keep in mind, if you’re the bride then it’s your show! It can be hard to say ‘no’ to your wedding guests, but at the end of the day your word should be final. We’ve got tactful ways to get out of certain scenarios.

When a Guest Wants to Bring An Extra Person

Maybe your brother rsvp’d as a single, but suddenly wants his new girlfriend (or worse- his old frat buddy) to be his plus-one. Yikes! What do you do? Simply explain to him that the meal count and chairs have already been locked in. Even if he says that his plus one won’t be hungry, he really can’t get around not having anywhere for his plus one to sit. If you want to extend a sweet gesture, you can tell him that if anyone suddenly can’t make it you can give him a heads up, but say that the guest list is pretty much locked in.

When an Out-of-Town Guest Wants to Crash on Your Couch

You’re going to be busy enough with your own wedding craziness to deal with any couch surfers- do NOT put the burden of hosting out of towners on top of everything! Instead of ok-ing everyone that wants a free place to crash, just explain that you don’t have the space to house any out-of-towners. You can say that if you let one person crash, you’d need to let everyone crash and you simply don’t have room. You can say that you’re using your house to house a lot of the wedding craziness so the whole place is going to be a mess. You can also suggest nearby hotels for any guests who may need it. Just be firm- you really don’t need any friends raiding your fridge while you’re planning a wedding!

When a Guest Wants to Bring Kids (and it’s not a kid-friendly wedding)

Sure, kids are cute and sweet, but weddings aren’t always where a kid has the most fun. If you’re throwing a wedding that’s aimed at an adults-only crowd, it can be hard to explain to adults not to bring their little ones. If anyone’s trying to bring their little ones to the grown up’s table, simply explain to them that the event will be a more mature event and that it may not be kid-paced. Parents understand how a kid’s attention span works and may take that as it won’t be engaging enough for younger ones. You can also mention that there will be liquor and you wouldn’t want any unattended drinks to end up in the hands of any children (mai tais always look fun to younger kids…). Safety is always a priority for parents, and you want to frame this as you looking out for their best interest.


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Andrea Carter

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