Three Great Ways a Groom Can Help with the Wedding Planning

Let’s be honest, when it comes to planning a wedding, the groom typically either takes a back seat to the bride or doesn’t have anything to do with the matter at all. Nevertheless, even if the couple-to-be is armed with a top notch Wedding Planner, we have three easy tasks that most grooms might actually be excited to help out with.

Find the DJ or Live Band

Grooms like music and most will be more than happy to take on the task of finding the DJ or go hunting for a great band. It’s an exciting endeavor to find a sick DJ, or find that perfect band that can bring a tremendous amount of fun, excitement and energy to the wedding and the reception. More often than not being able to check out the DJ or Bands will involve meeting them in person, plus seeing them perform at a venue such as a local bar, which most grooms wouldn’t consider a chore at all.

Find the Videographer

In this day and age of technology where everyone is armed with a video camera in their pocket, many guys have taken up both videography and photography as a hobby. When SLR cameras from Nikon and Canon came down to consumer level prices, this also opened the door to many would-be enthusiasts to engage in their passion armed with professional grade equipment. If your future groom is someone that loves photography or enjoys putting together home videos, it’s highly probable that he’ll also greatly enjoy the search for a photographer or videographer. More often than not your wedding planner will give you a list of optimal vendors to choose from given your date, budget and venue. From there, your groom can check out the leads by visiting websites to view portfolios, or even meeting up with a photographer or videographer locally (coffee shops do nicely) to find the right fit.

Honeymoon Travel Details

Another aspect of the wedding the groom can easily take care of and at the same time be happy to engage in will be the honeymoon details. Everyone likes to travel and figure out where they are going to spend one of their best vacations ever. Your groom in this case can go hunting for the best deal and find out where in the world you two can spend your first days and nights as husband and wife. This might involve talking to a travel agent (yes, they still exist), talking to friends, reading blog entries about smart honeymoon ideas, and hunting online for the vacation of a lifetime. Most guys would jump at the idea of planning a honeymoon, whether you are travelling abroad, going on a cruise or doing the standard trip to Hawaii.

William Sanai
William Sanai works at Perfectly Made Weddings as an Assistant Wedding Coordinator.
William Sanai

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