Three Fun Summer Wedding Ideas

Good Morning lovelies, Sunday morning is looking oh so gorgeous today. Hot, but still gorgeous. It is Summer, and that means barbecues, cold drinks, and days at the pool or beach. I am loving summer. What I like even more than summer, are summer weddings. Summer weddings and all the fun that you can have. Here are some fun summer wedding ideas for you and your guests. Ready to jump into some fun goodness? I know I am.

  • Beach BBQ: Treat your guests to a lovely day at the beach and enjoy some burgers, hot dogs, lemonade, and some sweet watermelon. Why not replace this with the traditional rehearsal dinner. Who says you have to have your rehearsal dinner at a fancy restaurant  If you are more of the beach gal and beach guy, why not be at a place which you are most happy? Enjoy the beach, the sun, the soft sand on your feet, and some relaxing too.  One word of caution is to make sure not to get too much sun, or wear that sunblock, so you are not a tomato on your wedding day. You want to make sure you are looking fresh and photo ready. Yes, go ahead and head to the beach, but just make sure to take care of that skin! 
  • Cool off: With gorgeous outdoor weddings comes the summer heat, so it is time to cool off your guests with something cold and delicious. At the ceremony, have a drink station serving cold lemonade, ice tea, or cucumber immersed water. Something besides water can attract your guests to a cold treat without being too boring.  You may not want to serve alcoholic drinks during this time, save that for after the “I Do’s”. Your ceremony is special and the most important part, so you probably want it to be as romantic and sweet as can be.
  • Smoothie/Juice Bar: If you are opt to a more healthier treat for your guests, then try a smoothie/Juice Bar at your summer wedding. There are ice cream bars, s’mores stations, and candy bars, which are oh so amazing and so delicious. However if you are more on the healthier side and your guests may be too, go for the Smoothie/Juice Bar. You can even have a signature juice which can be served to your guests, and make it more personal and fun.  Why not take wheat grass shots? Get energized and ready to party and have a great time!






  1. Andrea Carter says:

    A smoothie or juice bar would be really neat! I love that idea.

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