Three Easy Tips for Planning the Rehearsal Dinner

Mondays are typically not the most popular day of the week, but we have some fabulous tips that you may like. Planning your rehearsal dinner and need a  bit of help with that?  Whether you are planning the rehearsal dinner in your own city or a brand new city, we’ve got three easy tips:

  1. Book the venue: First thing is first. Book the venue in advance, (at least 4 months), so it gives you enough time to plan accordingly. When choosing the venue, you can go with one that is a bit more simple, but still keeping it very memorable.  You do not have to have a fancy party, leave that for the wedding day! The key is to pick a place where you and your guests can enjoy good food, and each other’s company. It can even be something as casual as your parent’s backyard. Make it special to you, and it will be a fantastic time!
  2. Plan the menu: When planning the menu, make sure it is something different than what you will serve on your wedding day. If you are serving fish/steak/chicken for a plated dinner at your wedding day, then you may want to offer something like a italian/Mediterranean/Chinese  or other type of cuisine at the rehearsal dinner. Or with keeping in line with what you are serving at the wedding, you can find dishes which compliment the wedding dinner menu. If you have a menu which your guests can choose options from each course, it is a good idea to have menus printed out and placed at each place setting.  You can make the menu special and personal as well.
  3. Create a timeline: A timeline does not need to be very lengthy or detailed like the wedding day. However, there are some details that you may want planned out ahead of time. Typically, there are things like toasts, giving of gifts to the bridal party, and a slideshow. You do not need to have these as must haves for your rehearsal dinner, as you can make it anyway you want. However if you do, ensure that the venue has audiovisual for the toasts and slideshow. If you are not doing any of this and want to just have dinner with no frills, that is fine too. However it is a good idea to make time for a “thank you” to your family and friends who are at attendance.

Have a great rehearsal dinner, and make sure to leave some of the partying for the wedding day!

Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson is the owner of and has been working in the wedding industry for many years as a wedding and event coordinator. She lives and works in Orange County, CA and created the site to stay connected to the hottest trends and share them with others like her that love this industry.
Niloufar Gibson
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