The Right and Wrong Way for a Guy to Propose

You Can't Go Wrong With A Private Beach in Hawaii for a Marriage Proposal!

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Private Beach in Hawaii for a Marriage Proposal!

Oftentimes I’m asked how I proposed to my wife by younger friends looking to do something unique, amazing, over-the-top and totally memorable. It’s at that point I stop them and let them know it isn’t about making a huge splash and impressing all of her friends. A good proposal, wedding and marriage is about doing what is special for you two and nobody else. What really gets me is that guys won’t consider all the factors that should go into a good proposal! Remember, this is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but that doesn’t mean it has to contradict my first statement. There’s a fine line to walk, so for the guys, let’s look at a few right ways and wrong ways to pop the big question.

Do: Consider what is special for you both. If you both want to be surrounded by friends and family during a proposal, then do it at a big family gathering or event.

Don’t: Never upstage someone else. If you are at someone’s sweet 16 birthday party or (I shudder at this one) someone else’s wedding, this is *their* time and not yours. Make it special for you two without taking all the attention for yourself.

Do: Consider the setting and the timing. You’ll want to make sure it’s a spot that’s special for you both, whether that means it’s a place that you’ve visited and have fond memories of, or a place you two have always wanted to visit together, but never have.

Don’t: Never go to a place where either of you have bad memories, or have memories of having been there with an ex. If you decide to take a trip and spring the question then, make it a place neither of you have traveled to before, but always have wanted to visit.

Do: Tell her the reasons you want to get married, why she’s so special and why she’s the one. This is one the few times we’re really expected to pour our hearts out fellas, so buck up and get it done. Chances are you’ll be so nervous you’ll not make much sense, but just speak from the heart, tell her what makes her so special to you and let it be very natural, special and from the heart.

Don’t: Don’t try to do something ultra-rehearsed, don’t do something ridiculous like make a public scene and start reciting Shakespeare, just be yourself and not something you’ve never been.

So there you go guys, some basic tips to get you started on the right way and perhaps to avoid the wrong way, with asking that special someone to be yours for the rest of your life. Good luck!

William Sanai
William Sanai works at Perfectly Made Weddings as an Assistant Wedding Coordinator.
William Sanai

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