The Perfect Gift from Bottega Louie

A few weeks ago my sister and I headed to downtown LA to go to a concert at LA LIVE. Before heading over to the show, we stopped by Bottega Louie, a nice restaurant in downtown LA. This was highly recommended by a friend, and so we decided to go. We walked in and something caught my eye. A tower of macarons.  I was mesmerized! Then I saw a huge glass case of colorful macarons displayed for my tasteful eyes to see. It was so amazing. I could not stop staring at all the different colored macarons. Here we are taking a photo with the beautiful display behind us. We were very happy! We were so distracted, we forgot we were hungry for dinner and were ready to order some dessert instead. After some time of drooling over the delicious treats, we decided to sit down for a nice dinner. A nice dinner indeed. We made sure to save room for dessert, so we can go back and order some macarons. Bottega Louie has more than just macarons. They have a huge array of pastries. I felt like I was back in Paris where I had some of the best pastries.

Everything looked so good, I could not decide what to order. I knew for sure I was going to order macarons. That was already decided on when I walked in earlier that evening. There was so many other yummy treats that I wanted to try as well.  As I was trying to decide what to order, my sister noticed the cute gift boxes of wrapped sweet treats behind us.

I loved how they were packaged, very elegant and stylish.

These make for a perfect gift for your guests at your wedding, or for those out of town guests, you can include them in the welcome guest bags. These also make great gifts for bridal shower favors, or rehearsal dinner treats. Whether is is chocolate, macarons, or any other declicous treat, they are great for gifts!

So what did I order? Well, I ended up ordering a pistacho macaron, a salty caramel macaron, and  a vanilla macaron. Oh I also got an eclair, they looked too good to pass up.

Did they taste good? I took one bite, and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. It was fresh, and tasted like heaven. Yes, if I could taste heaven, it would taste like a macaron. I recommend stopping by and trying it out. You will see why they make the perfect gift.

!bon appétit!


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