The Invitation

Have you checked your mailbox today? What do you find? Junk mail and bills? Do you ever get a letter from a friend?  Probably not.

These days with email, text, twitter, Facebook, evites and other social media outlets, we rarely find any personal letters in our mailboxes. Just the junk.

Would it not be nice the next time you  open the mailbox and see an envelope with some pretty calligraphy, and a cute stamp on the top right?  Not junk! Yes!

What is inside this envelope? A wedding invitation! How wonderful!

Emily Baird of Emily Baird Design says that the first impression is everything.

The first impression of the wedding day is the invitation. The style, color, font, and design all give a sneak peek of the wedding.

Emily Baird is a talented designer who works closely with the bride and groom when designing their invitations.   From choosing the paper style, to the seal which closes the envelope, Emily will continue to work with the couple until she gets the perfect look!

She will even find you the printer, so there is no hassle for the couple.

Each of Emily Baird designs are unique.  The invitation that is created for the couple will never be reproduced.

Want to have an all together look? Emily also creates  save the dates, place cards, and escort cards, and menus.

Just remember, first impressions are everything, so why not make it  an amazing one!

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