Three Tips for Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Incorporating a beloved child or children into your wedding ceremony adds both sentiment and a whimsical touch to your special day. For a blended family becoming united as one, this tradition can be of major significance, as your kids will be there to witness and celebrate the establishment of your new family. Bridal Hot List has three simple tips for making the little ones of your bridal party feel included and confident in their duty.

#1- Practice makes perfect. You want to be sure the young ones are well prepared for what to expect,  and when and where they should go. Remember, this is probably the first wedding they’ve ever attended, let alone been a part of the ceremonial procession. If possible, have them visit the ceremony site several times so they are familiar with the surroundings. They can pick a certain spot on the floor where they want to stand. It is a good idea to let them know how long they can expect to stand at that spot. Give them physical cues, like start walking at the sound of the steel drums, or after Aunt Julie passes the first row of chairs with bows. The rehearsal itself can be a chaotic time, so having the little ones pre-rehearsed will get everyone to dinner and drinks faster and it also sets a good example for the adults!

#2- Include some kid-friendly fun. If there won’t be other kids their age at the wedding, let them invite a friend or two so they can enjoy themselves at the reception. Set up their own table with some kid-friendly activities and snacks. If their ceremony clothing is rented, formal, or elaborate, have them bring a change of clothes and comfy shoes so they can tear up the dance floor with the adults and just be kids!

#3- Embrace the hiccups. The best moments happen when a child says or does something funny, misguided, or super touching without even realizing it. These are the moments that create the fond memories of your wedding that everyone talks about. This can also work as great blackmail when that little flower girl or ring bearer grows up and the time comes for their own wedding! Have the cameras ready and rolling to capture their moment in the spotlight as well as intimate moments with the bride and/or groom. Lastly, don’t forget they deserve a bridal party gift too!